When Warner Bros. announced their DC film slate in late 2014, one of the entries was Justice League: Part One in November 2017. Fast forward to the last several weeks, and there were concerns online that the studio might delay the first Justice League movie due to some reported uneasy reactions of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well, fans looking forward to seeing the DC heroes officially unite for the first time on the big screen can rest easy now. Yesterday, it was officially announced that Justice League: Part One will begin filming on April 11, and to commemorate the occasion, director Zack Snyder sent out this photo later in the day.

Justice League Snyder

Posing with Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, Snyder made it clear to fans that they’re "deep in it" with Justice League: Part One preproduction. However, it’s not those two that have everyone’s attention, but what’s lurking in the background, and as is usually the case with these behind-the-scenes teases, those items weren’t placed there accidentally. Although we went over the basic highlights yesterday, we thought we’d go deeper today with the main Easter Eggs on display in the photo. Take a look!

The Flash
The Flash
After reading descriptions and seeing concept art, this technically counts as our first photographic look at the DCEU’s Flash’s costume…even if it is far away. Right away, you can see that, like with Grant Gustin’s Flash costume on The CW, this speedster suit is a darker shade of red compared to what Barry Allen wears in the comics. The familiar lightning bolts are also on display on the ear area of the cowl, but beyond that, no other important details can be made out.
Justice League Photo

Perhaps Ezra Miller’s Barry will wear a different costume for his solo movie the following year, but for Justice League: Part One, and likely Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this is the suit he’ll be running around in while fighting crime. Since Momoa got his own promo image as Aquaman last year with that "Unite the Seven" line, hopefully we’ll get a similar image of Miller in this costume later in the year.

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