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More than a year after its release date was revealed, Warner Bros officially announced today that Justice League: Part One will begin filming on April 11. Naturally, that means pre-production is already well underway, and to give fans a tease of what’s coming their way in 2017, director Zack Snyder shared a behind-the-scenes photo. Take a good look at Snyder's photo with the DC Extended Universe’s Aquaman, Jason Momoa!

Obviously, our eyes are first drawn to Snyder and Momoa posing for the camera, but it’s what’s lurking in the background that’s especially interesting on this Twitter picture. This is like the DC version of I, Spy! Some of the minor props include a Bat-cowl, artwork in the back that looks like it has Aquaman’s wife Mera on it and an all-black suit that is too nondescript to determine which hero it belongs to, though Batman is always a good guess. However, there’s two costumes that are the clear highlights of the picture: Aquaman’s and The Flash’s.

Let’s start with Aquaman. In the back, left-hand corner, we can see armor displaying the trademark ‘A’ on the belt. Our one main glimpse of the DCEU’s Aquaman has been the promo picture of Momoa Snyder sent out last year, and the last couple months have seen concept art and toys both reinforcing that look over time. In those sneak peeks, Momoa’s Aquaman going with a more casual look by going bare chested, wearing only a few armor pieces on his arms and wearing green pants with the gold belt. The armor in this picture looks like something the King of Atlantis would wear during war or an official ceremony. The coloring is rather dull, so hopefully they’ll add some more green and gold to it. Who knows, maybe Momoa has already tried the armor on, and has given the same notes that we have.

As for The Flash, our looks at his costume have only come recently through promo art, like the ones featured on The CW TV special DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League. You can glimpse the costume behind Aquaman’s armor, and while it’s far away, there are two main details that can be made out. One, similar to the Scarlett Speedster’s costume on the TV series, it’s a darker shade of red from the one his comic book counterpart wears. Two, the familiar lightning bolts remain on the ear area of his cowl. Beyond that, no other details can really be made out, but since Flash has a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next month, surely we’ll get an official look at Ezra Miller in the costume either before or after the movie’s release, right?

Justice League: Part One hits theaters on November 17, 2017, and with 2016 still young, it’s almost certain more sneak peeks at the heroes’ costume will be heading our way as the year progresses.