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Although Superman is maintaining a big screen presence in the near future with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and both Justice League films, the status of his solo series following 2013’s Man of Steel remains uncertain. During DC’s film slate announcement last October, Warner Bros did say that more solo Superman (and Batman) movies were being planned. Then last week, it was rumored that Mad Max: Fury Road George Miller has been tapped to direct Man of Steel 2. While that’s certainly an exciting prospect, it may be too early to start celebrating, as the movie may not even be a sure thing.

Sources have told Den of Geek that Miller has indeed met with Warner Bros about directing a future DC movie. However, while one source said whatever he directs will depend on what story interest him, another source told them that as far as a Man of Steel 2 goes, that project is on "permanent hold." Although the original plan was to release another standard Superman movie after Man of Steel, with the addition of Batman, Wonder Woman and other superheroes, it’s since been confirmed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t being labeled as a "Superman movie." To draw a comparison with Marvel, if that source is correct, this would effectively make Supes the DCCU’s Hulk: he gets to star in one movie, and then is relegated to team-up adventures until a change is made.

Even though Man of Steel earned polarizing reviews from critics and fans, there are many who have been eager to see Superman go another round on his own. While it could just mean that whatever creative team involved is still having a tough time cracking another story for the Man of Tomorrow, one wonders whether it this potential hold might have something to do with the Kryptonian’s costar next year. There have been rumblings that Ben Affleck’s Batman has been so well received by the Warner Bros. bigwigs that there are plans in motion to give the Caped Crusader another solo film series. It was reported several months ago that Ben Affleck will direct and co-write the first new Batman film as we;;. Perhaps the Bat is now taking precedence over the Big Blue Boy Scout. On the other hand, maybe Warner Bros. just wants to see how Superman does this second time around before moving forward with Man of Steel 2.

Suspending Man of Steel 2 would also mean less opportunities to introduce classic Superman villains. So far, Lex Luthor and Zod are the only adversaries that have been adapted for the big screen, although there are multiple reports that Doomsday will play a role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Without another solo adventure, evildoers like Brainiac, Bizarro, Metallo, Parasite and more may not get to be realized in live action, which is a shame for fans of the Superman mythology.

While it may be a long time before Superman gets to go on his own adventure again, moviegoers can look forward to seeing him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will be released on March 25, 2016.