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Without Remorse Cast: Where You've Seen The Tom Clancy Amazon Movie Stars Before

Here's where you've seen the cast of Michael B. Jordan's latest action thriller before.

Mare Of Easttown Cast: Where You've Seen The HBO Actors Before

Here's where you recognize the starry cast of HBO's newest limited series, Mare of Easttown.

Why Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories Was ‘Quite The Thrill’ For Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce had a personal reason for joining the Adam Sandler comedy.

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One Marvel Villain Is Ready To Return To Their Role

Would fans be excited to see this one return?

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What The Marvel Universe Taught The Last Vermeer’s Guy Pearce About Playing A Villain

The Last Vermeer's Guy Pearce opened up about what his Marvel experience taught him about villains.

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What The Memento Cast Is Doing Now

Where else have you seen the Memento cast?

What’s Awesome About Starring In An Alien Movie And What’s Not, Per Prometheus’ Guy Pearce
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How Robert Downey Jr. Broke His Ankle Making Iron Man 3, According To Guy Pearce
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Sorry, Kids, FX's Christmas Carol Adaptation Is So Dark It's Rated TV-MA

This version of A Christmas Carol is not for children.

Guy Pearce Says Netflix Doesn't Actually Like The Term Binge-Watching

Guy Pearce revealed an interesting bit of information about Netflix's particular views on language.

That Time Iron Man 3’s Guy Pearce Made Robert Downey Jr. Break Character

While filming Aldrich Killian's fight sequences with Tony and Pepper, the King's Speech actor managed to totally throw off Robert Downey Jr. And the story is awesome.

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Memento Is Getting Remade, Even Though It's Awesome Exactly As It Is

Even though it's only fifteen-years-old, still very influential, and the work of one of the biggest filmmakers in the industry, Memento is being remade, for some reason.

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Why Guy Pearce Almost Turned Down Iron Man 3

Pearce goes on to rave about Iron Man 3 as a finished product, calling it a “great movie.” But you can't blame him for seeking this Get Out Of Jail Free card if the script sucked. Even if an actor does see a finished script, it's a massive leap of faith that the director is going to be able to put the pieces together and provide a decent interpretation (unless, of course, the script is re-written).

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Guy Pearce Wants In On Prometheus 2

Besides Michael Fassbender's film owning performance as David 8, one of the other enjoyable performances in Prometheus was that of Guy Pearce's Peter Weyland. Despite some logistical issues from the first film, Pearce would actually love to come back to the world of Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, and he even has some comments on just how that could happen.

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Guy Pearce May Play Johnny Depp's Brother In Gangster Biopic Black Mass

Black Mass tells the true story of Whitey Bulger as me rose to prominance as one of the most powerful mob bosses in Boston. He also spent years as an FBI informant who gave up a great number of his competitors in order to keep his business thriving.

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Nicole Kidman And Guy Pearce Join Indie Australian Thriller Strangerland

The film will follow parents Catherine and Matthew Parker, who we’ll assume will be played by Kidman and Pearce, who are driven to the point of madness whenever their two teenage children go missing somewhere in the distant Australian outback, and they’re soon “forced to confront the mystery of their children’s fate,” according to the description from THR.

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6 Actors We'll Watch In Anything, Even When It's Terrible

Even if Wahlberg and Washington don't do it for you, you know what we're talking about. Everyone has a certain actor who, for whatever reason, they will watch in anything, even when so much of what that actor does is crap. It's how Bruce Willis movies like A Good Day to Die Hard make $300 million worldwide. It's how Adam Sandler has created a mini-empire. There are actors we will all forgive over and over again, because for whatever reason they're compulsively watchable no matter what

Robert Pattinson And Guy Pearce Literally Butt Heads In The Rover First Look

The Twilight series made Robert Pattinson a star, but also put the 26-year-old actor into a deep dreamboat hole that can threaten the longevity of an actor's career. So, taking a page from the smart pretty boys who came before him...

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New Iron Man 3 Images Reveals Tony Stark Looking Worse For Wear

We all know already that Tony Stark is going to get the snot beaten out of him before saving the day in Iron Man 3. It's been right out there in the open from the moment they brought the first footage to Comic Con last summer, showing his Malibu house crumbling into the ocean. While in Iron Man 2 Tony was mostly beating himself up, this time he's facing external forces-- and he's showing signs of it in three new images that have dropped online

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Iron Man 3 Character Poster Suggests Much Bigger Role For Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce should have had a breakthrough year in 2012. OK, yes, he's been a star since the 90s thanks to LA Confidential and even Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, but since his promising star career slid into nonsense like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Time Machine, he struggled to snag roles that got him much-deserved attention

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