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Matrix 4 Adds Another Big Name To The Cast, And This One Marks A Reunion For Lana Wachowski

Matrix 4 has added another star to its ranks, reuniting another actor with director Lana Wachowski.

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Christina Ricci: 5 Things You Might Not Know About The Addams Family Star
12 Cool Casper Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know

Did you know that Casper is filmed at the same location of a certain boy band's video?

Black Snake Moan's Christina Ricci Files For Divorce After Reported Domestic Altercation
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How Christina Ricci Prepared For Her Complicated Role In Distorted

Distorted is one of the more intense movies Christina Ricci has acted in, and here's what she said to CinemaBlend about preparing for this particular role.

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Two Classic Roles Christina Ricci Would Love To Return To

Should the opportunities present themselves, Christina Ricci would love to to return to two classic properties she lent her talents to.

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Why It Was Really Awkward To Make Out With Christina Ricci, According To Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood and Christina Ricci are both reasonably good looking people. But when it came to kissing on-set, it was super awkward.

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Christina Ricci To Take Another Whack At Lizzie Borden In Lifetime Series

Lifetime is taking another stab at Lizzie Borden. This week, the cable network announced that it will produce a 6-episode limited series based on the life of the woman acquitted for killing her mom and dad. The new series is rolling with the title Lizzie Borden: The Fall River Chronicles.

Christina Ricci Marries In New York

When Christina Ricci first burst on to the scene, she was a lithe youth with a goth vibe, capable of playing opposite Casper the Friendly Ghost and Cousin It. While many fans still associate the actress with some of her early roles, she’s been a grown woman for quite some time, and this weekend the 33-year-old hit a new adult milestone, tying the knot with dolly grip James Heerdegen.

Christina Ricci Will Play Lizzie Borden In A Lifetime Movie

Christina Ricci often favors playing oddball characters in her work, which is probably why she recently signed on to play a famous alleged murderess in a made-for-TV movie. The actress has been hired to play Lizzie Borden, the woman famous for standing accused of killing her stepmother and father with a hatchet-like item way back in 1892.

Christina Ricci Signs On For Indie Thriller Unmasked

The project will be Sax's first directorial effort since 2010's Frankie & Alex, though he does have some experience in the thriller genre, previously helming 2005's White Noise, starring Michael Keaton.

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Christina Ricci Exits NBC's Pilot Girlfriend In A Coma

Looks like Christina Ricci won’t have to be in a coma after all. She is exiting the NBC pilot for Girlfriend in a Coma, in which she was set to play the leading role, apparently after the table read. I’d like to think she just left because the show’s title is too awful to bear.

Christina Ricci In Talks To Join NBC Pilot Girlfriend In A Coma

Christina Ricci is nearing a deal to take a starring role in a brand new television project. The actress is in talks to sign on for a lead in NBC’s new pilot, Girlfriend in a Coma. If she takes the comedic role in the pilot, she’ll play Karen, the girlfriend who has been in a coma for a really long time.

Christina Ricci Lands A Gig On The Good Wife In Season 4

Christina Ricci is hopping from ABC to CBS and leaving her iconic flight attendant costume at the door. For her first TV role after Pan Am was cancelled, the actress will be joining The Good Wife as a guest star in one episode of the series’ fourth season. The actress will play a comedienne who courts controversy on CBS' show.

Christina Ricci Joins Susan Sarandon In Mother's Day

Christina Ricci's work of late seems to have the common thread of being period pieces, with her starring role in ABC's Pan Am and a part starring alongside Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas in Bel Ami. With Pan Am grounded after one season, that should leave her schedule open for feature roles, among which will be a part in Mother's Day.

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Christina Ricci To Turn Blue For Smurfs 2

On July 29 of last year, The Smurfs opened nationwide, and despite being largely loathed by critics was a box office smash. In just two weeks it had already banked $128 million worldwide, and so Sony giddily announced Smurfs 2 would descend on audiences August 3, 2012. While none of the first feature's stars have yet to commit to a sequel, Christina Ricci has signed on to play Vexi, a sort of evil twin of Smurffettes's

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Robert Pattinson Seduces A Lot Of Women In New Bel Ami Images

The period drama Bel Ami doesn't yet have a guaranteed U.S. release date, but it does have an ace in the hole that pretty much guarantees it'll get one: Robert Pattinson. The Twilight hunk of vampire meat stars in the film as a man sleeping his way through high society in Belle Epoque Paris

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Pan Am Isn't Sexist, And It's Definitely Not Mad Men

The cast and producers of the new ABC drama Pan Am insist that the show is not sexist, telling the TCA press that in spite of the portrayal of stewardesses being forced to wear girdles and meet weight standards, the show really has a feminist appeal. And furthermore, they would really like the comparisons to Mad Men to be put to rest.

Christina Ricci May Join Primetime Soap Pan Am

Think of it like Grey's Anatomy in the air with less doctorates. The pilots and the stewardesses will mingle and work during the glory years when people still wore suits when they flew and considered hotness a flight attendant prerequisite

Christina Ricci Gets A Mouthful Of Maggots In This After.Life Clip

It's rarely a good sign when a little-seen movie gets promoted as hard as After.Life is, but who knows, maybe there's a solid little rental in here

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