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Happy Gilmore Recut As A Horror Movie Is Kinda Genius

Ever wanted to see Happy Gilmore remade as a horror thriller? Your wish has come true, and you can see it for yourself inside.

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Apparently Christopher McDonald Brought Up Playing Shooter McGavin During His DUI Arrest

During his recent DUI arrest, Happy Gilmore actor Christopher McDonald apparently made sure to tell the cops that he played Shooter McGavin in the 1996 classic. Here's what we know.

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6 Movies From 1996 That Should Have Gotten Sequels Instead Of Independence Day

Just because a movie's celebrating a milestone doesn't always mean it deserves a follow up. In fact, when combing over the box office results of 1996, we found six movies we wish were getting a Part Two instead of Resurgence.

Funny Money: 12 Hysterical Money Comedies To Make You Laugh On Tax Day

Just because it's tax day doesn't mean you can't afford to laugh! Take a look at our list of 12 money themed comedies that should put your spirits in the black, with no penalty for overages.

Watch Jordan Spieth Crush His Happy Gilmore Impression

The world's number one golfer Jordan Spieth did a Happy Gilmore impression over the weekend that will almost make you forget that golf is boring.

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Would Adam Sandler Ever Make Happy Gilmore 2?

Despite becoming arguably the most bankable movie star of the 2000’s, Adam Sandler will always be the star of Happy Gilmore to a segment of the movie-going public. In a recent interview, Sandler gave his thoughts on the possibility of a belated sequel.

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Watch Adam Sandler And Bob Barker Continue Their Feud In This Epic Video

After almost 20 years, Bob Barker and Adam Sandler are still feuding. It all started when the two had an on-screen scuffle in Happy Gilmore, but we all thought had buried the hatchet. Well, they’ve reignited the feud for a good cause, and the former Price Is Right host still packs a punch.

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This Supercut Of Fake Movie Ads Is Pure Greatness

Product placement has become an unfortunately big part of modern studio filmmaking, but there are some ads in movies that we can still appreciate: the fake ones. Rather than actually trying to tell us something, they merely exist as a fun gag or even sometimes as a plot device. And now you can see a whole bunch of them mashed together in this fantastic new supercut.

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James Bond's Jaws, Richard Kiel, Dead At 74

Richard Kiel, famous for terrorizing Roger Moore's version of James Bond, has died at the age of 74. We remember his life and his career.

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Happy GIlmore's 8 Bit Video Game Is Too Good For Its Home

It probably wouldn’t do any good to play this game if you were Chubbs, seeing as how he couldn’t handle the right side of the controller and all. For this version of Happy Gilmore is a sports-themed bash-‘em-up game, partly styled after River City Ransom. Given Happy’s penchant for getting manically violent when things aren’t to his liking, it’s the perfect match-up, and it’s a treat to see the familiar facial expressions during the fight scenes.

Watch Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington And More Pro Golfers Do The Happy Gilmore

From Subway’s biggest enthusiasts to bitter ex-hockey players to people who hate alligators to golfers who swear up a storm on the course, Happy Gilmore reached across aisles and spoke to a pretty strange group of people when it made more than $40 million all the way back in 1996. In the more than a decade and a half since, those bizarre demographics have widened quite a bit to the point where an extremely high percentage of comedy fans are very familiar with the film.

Adam Sandler's Best Movie: Happy Gilmore

The year was 1996 and I was just months away from graduating high school when Happy Gilmore was released. As though Adam Sandler knew I had years of procrastination ahead of me with college just on the horizon, he co-wrote and starred in this gem of a film about an aspiring hockey player who takes his insane slapshot to the golf course in an effort to save his grandmother’s house from being seized by the IRS.

FlixWorthy: The Messenger From The House Of The Devil

Welcome back to FlixWorthy, your weekly guide to Netflix streaming. This week we've got jarheads, Satanists, and Dennis Hopper as a hit man named Lyle

25 Great Movies We Wouldn't Have Without Saturday Night Live

Take away SNL and its cast members and the majority of memorable late 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s comedies would either not exist or require significant recasting. And its not just lighter fare

Happy Gilmore Swing Ruled Illegal And Douchey

Happy Gilmore was released at about the same that Tiger Woods began to explode onto the golf scene. Woods’ youthful style and personality (along with Adam Sandler’s flick, if you ask me) led to a resurgence in the game. Kids wanted to play golf, and not just kids

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