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Timeline And 6 Other Michael Crichton Books That Need A New Adaptation

Some entries Michael Crichton canon are overdue for a much needed remake.

How Timeline's Time Travel Works

Spoilers: to understand Timeline, you'll need to know a bit about fax machines.

The 11 Best Movies Based On Michael Crichton Books, Ranked

Who doesn't live Michael Crichton? Here are the best movies based on his books, ranked.

Westworld Creative Team Is Bringing Another Michael Crichton Adaptation To HBO

Westworld creatives are getting creative with another Michael Crichton project.

Jurassic Park: 7 Differences Between The Book And The Movie

Welcome to two very different versions of Jurassic Park.

One Of The Pirates 5 Directors May Adapt A Michael Crichton Book

One of the directors of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales might have his next project lined up and it's an adaptation one of the last published novels of best-selling author Michael Crichton.

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Steven Spielberg Developing Another Michael Crichton Book Unrelated To Jurassic Park

With an Executive Producer role on Jurassic World, Steven Spielberg is having a pretty fantastic summer - and it looks like he's working to turn that success into a trend. To help him do so, he's turning back to the author who made Jurassic Park possible - Michael Crichton - and developing an adaptation of the novel Micro.

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Jurassic Park 4 Gets A Pair Of Writers

More than a decade after the last Jurassic Park sequel released, and nearly two decades after the original feature adaptation of Michael Crichton's modern-day dinosaur tale made its way into theaters comes word that Universal has found a set of writers to tackle the next installment to the franchise. And they know a little something about dangerous creatures unleashed.

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Supernatural Taiwanese Thriller Silk Receiving An American Remake

It’s Gold Circle’s second genre film after The Haunting in Georgia, a horror movie that has yet to be released which stars Chad Michael Murray, Abigail Spencer and Katee Sackhoff. But Gold Circle isn’t limiting itself to that type of storytelling. They’re also producing a musical comedy titled Pitch Perfect starring Anna Kendrick as a contestant in a Glee-inspired a capella singing competition

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Spielberg Going For Pirates Next

Pirates: they're not just for Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp anymore. Even Steven Spielberg, who keeps piling on the projects as if he's deliberately trying to never make his Lincoln biopic, is now heading to the high seas, with plans to adapt Michael Crichton's final novel

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