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Why Nintendo Isn't Interested In VR Or 4K Technology Right Now

VR has been all the rave in the media over the last couple of years, so much so that it's hard to find a tech site that hasn't discussed it or reviewed it or displayed it prominently as part of its feature coverage. However, Nintendo for some reason, hasn't shown any interest in the tech. Why?

How Your Old Gameboy Cartridges Could Live On

Do you still keep all your old Game Boy cartridges? We all know that old carts stick around and usually don't stop working so long as you can blow the green stuff out of them and keep them clean. Well, there might be another alternative use for your Game Boy carts to help them live on besides playing them in Game Boy devices.

The Newest Nintendo Direct Lays Out The Early 2018 Switch Schedule

We knew that a Nintendo Direct was likely on the horizon and then, this morning, a brief broadcast dropped out of nowhere full of new game announcements. Based on what we're seeing, the first half of 2018 is looking pretty solid for the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Just Set A Huge Sales Record

Nintendo can't stop winning right now. The company is coming off an absolutely massive 2017, where the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March marked a pathway toward the company's fastest-selling console to date. Well, not only is it Nintendo's fastest-selling console to date, but it also broke another record.

What Shigeru Miyamoto Looks For In Game Designers

Just about every gamer wants to work at Nintendo. It's one of the leading gaming studios out there and it's known for some of the biggest brands in the electronic entertainment industry. Well, if you were hoping to get hired by the Big N, the requirements aren't quite what you might be expecting.

Super Smash Bros. Mod Wants To Turn The Wii U Version Into Melee

One of the biggest complaints about _Super Smash Bros. _on the Wii U was that it wasn't like Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube. Well, some gamers felt that the only way to truly fix the problem was to overhaul the Wii U version so that it plays like the GameCube version.

Nintendo Expects To Sell A Crazy Number Of Switch Consoles Over The Next Year

The Nintendo Switch has had a stellar first year, toppling expectations and making a believer out of many skeptics. Now they've set a rather impressive goal for the console's second year on the market.

The Disney Game Mark Hamill Once Stayed Up All Night To Beat

Mark Hamill has managed to get in some time with one particular Disney game, so much so that he spent all night playing the game in order to beat it. So what game was it?

Nintendo Loses Appeal In Motion Control Lawsuit

Nintendo can't ever seem to catch a break when it comes to lawsuits, patent infringements, and someone claiming that the company stole an idea or two. Well, Nintendo lost yet another lawsuit, this time for a case involving the original Wii-mote.

Here's What's In Nintendo's Final Eshop Update Of 2017

For the final week of 2017, Nintendo decided to roll out some awesome new games for Nintendo Switch owners to play while heading into the new year. The final Nintendo eShop update of 2017 has a little bit of something for everyone.

Nintendo May Be Delaying Higher Capacity Game Cards Until 2019

The Nintendo Switch is easily one of the most beloved game consoles to come out in a long while. The sales have been explosive, but there have been some major drawbacks, such as the limited cartridge space. Well, if you were hoping for larger carts in 2018, you might be waiting all the way into 2019 for that to happen.

Nintendo's Eshop Went Down For Christmas

Not many games release during Christmas, but there were a few new entries on the Nintendo eShop. If you thought about purchasing anything during Christmas day from the eShop you probably noticed something a little off... specifically that the eShop was down throughout the day.

Nintendo Power Is Making A Return In A Brand New Form

Nintendo Power has made a comeback, but not in the form you might have expected. Formerly a fan-favorite magazine covering all things Nintendo, the brand's resurgence takes advantage of modern technology and trends.

Development On The Next Legend Of Zelda Is Already Underway

Nintendo only just launched The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild back in March of 2017 for the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. The game went on to sell gangbusters at retail and via digital distribution. Well, Nintendo isn't done with The Legend of Zelda just yet, and the designers are already hard at work on the next entry.

Somebody Beat Super Mario Odyssey Without Jumping

Telling someone that it's possible to beat a Super Mario game without jumping is like telling someone it's possible to eat pancakes without syrup. Yes, some people attempt to do it, but it's like committing a cardinal sin. Well, believe it or not, someone actually did manage to beat Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch without jumping.

What's Next For The Legend Of Zelda Series, According To Breath Of The Wild Director

With the second promised DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally available, Nintendo fans have already started wondering what comes next for the series. And apparently the developer is wondering the same thing.

Check Out Splatoon 2's Newest Game Mode, Clam Blitz

Nintendo released a new trailer for Splatoon 2 covering the newest game mode set to arrive in the multiplayer shooter called Clam Blitz. The new mode is a competitive PvP affair that sees gamers having to collect clams and take them to your opponent's base.

Nintendo Has Sold An Insane Number Of Switch Consoles

We already knew that Nintendo was having a banner year with the Switch, but they've finally offered a figure to help put that success into focus. That figure is a whopping 10 million consoles sold in just nine months.

Super Mario Galaxy And Other Wii Games Getting HD Releases...In China

A bunch of Nintendo games are getting the HD treatment and getting rereleased in China, but not on the platform you would expect.

What's New For Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo has a collection of new content added to Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile devices, along with a bevy of events set to take place throughout December and through the holiday season to round out the year and usher in 2018.

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