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Ryan Reynolds And Salma Hayek Run From Very Bad Men To The Tune Of Britney Spears In First Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Trailer

Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek on the run with a Britney Spears needle drop? Sign me up.

Ryan Reynolds Has A Very Important Question For Fans Of Deadpool 2 And The Suicide Squad

Ryan Reynolds would really like an answer from The Suicide Squad and Deadpool 2 fans.

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Wild Deadpool Set Photo Shows Ryan Reynolds Scarred And Naked

You'll never unsee this image of a naked Ryan Reynolds covered in Deadpool's scars.

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Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Both Have A+ Comments After Getting Vaccinated

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are getting vaccinated, but of course, they're having some fun with it.

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Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Reminder That Hugh Jackman Still Loves Messing With Ryan Reynolds
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Marvel Has A Secret Movie Down For 2022 And Here's Our Best Guess

Which Marvel movie is sneaking into next year's rotation?

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Ryan Reynolds Reacts To The New Free Guy Release Date With Hilarious Video

Of course Ryan Reynolds had a funny response to the latest Free Guy delay.

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The Best Tweets Ryan Reynolds Dropped During His Green Lantern Rewatch

Ryan Reynolds spent St. Patrick's Day watching Green Lantern. The results were exactly what you think.

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Green Lantern’s Ryan Reynolds Plans To Watch His DC Dud And Drink A Ton Of Gin, So Let’s Join Him
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Taylor Swift Paid Tribute To Best Pals Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds After Folklore Connection, Grammy Win

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds really do seem to spend a lot of time with T-Swift, according to Swift herself.

Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds About Not Getting To Meet Brad Pitt On Deadpool 2 Set

Of course, Blake Lively missed an opportunity to meet Brad Pitt because of Ryan Reynolds.

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The Major Lesson Ryan Reynolds Learning From Making A Superhero Movie Like Deadpool
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Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Are Both Celebrating International Women's Day In Totally Different Ways

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and feuding friend Hugh Jackman took to instagram to celebrate International Women's Day in their own on-brand ways.

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Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Finishing Netflix’s The Adam Project Ahead Of Schedule By Thanking Fellow Marvel Actors

Ryan Reynolds decided to troll his Adam Project co-stars over the Marvel connection after the film wraps.

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Of Course Ryan Reynolds Made A NSFW Joke After David Beckham Commented On His ‘Sore Wrist’
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8 Best Battles Between Marvel Heroes (Yes, That Includes Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool)

Here are some showdowns between superheroes that warrant a re-watch if you haven't seen them in a while.

Ryan Reynolds Responds To Rumor That His Green Lantern Will Appear In The Snyder Cut

It’s been 10 years since Ryan Reynolds brought DC Comics’ Emerald Knight to life on the big screen.

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Ryan Reynolds' New Netflix Movie Is A Fun 13 Going On 30 Reunion

Ryan Reynolds is once again working with the best.

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Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Trolled Each Other For Valentine's Day, But Hugh Jackman Went The Opposite Route

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds celebrate Valentine's Day in differing ways, as Reynolds shouts out Blake Lively.

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Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Marks Deadpool’s Fifth Anniversary With A Letter That ‘Never Got Mailed'
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