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The Next Twilight Book: 5 Things Stephenie Meyer Has Said About What She's Working On
Stephenie Meyer's The Host: Why It's Time For A Sequel And A Movie Remake

Since the release of Midnight Sun was a success, the best-selling author should revisit The Host.

Midnight Sun: 6 Things We Hope To See In The New Twilight Book

Stephenie Meyer's long-awaited book will get inside Edward's head this time.

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Midnight Sun: What To Know About The Twilight Spinoff And What It Could Mean For A Future Movie

Thirsty to learn all about Stephenie Meyer's fifth Twilight book?

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Stephenie Meyer On Why She Originally Wanted Matt Damon For The Host And Her Sci-Fi Influences

It's rare enough to write a book and see it become a hit, and rarer still to see that book become a series of enormously successful movies. But for those movies to be so big that your name itself is enough to sell a film? That's about as exclusive a club as it gets for authors, and Stephenie Meyer is the latest inductee thanks to this weekend's release of The Host, the adaptation of her first novel written after the conclusion of the massive Twilight franchise

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Stephenie Meyer Hopes The Host Will Be A Trilogy, Is That A Good Thing?

With The Host headed into theaters next month, Stephenie Meyer fans have likely been wondering when we'll see the next novel from the author. The Host was published in 2008, almost five years ago. Anyone who's aware of Meyer's work knows she's had her hands full with the Twilight films. But with the vampire series and its adaptations wrapped up, does that mean she'll have more time to work on the sequel to The Host?

Stephenie Meyer On The Host, Writing The Sequel, And Vampires Vs. Aliens

Following the release of the second theatrical trailer for The Host, author Stephenie Meyer spoke with the press today on a conference call to talk about the book and the film. Among the topics of discussion, Saoirse Ronan's otherworldliness, Meyer's future projects, including a sequel for The Host, how Hanna influenced her decision to go with Saoirse Ronan as the lead, and how the originally intended love triangle became a love square.

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A Twilight Reboot Is Probably Being Discussed, But Will It Ever Actually Happen?

Unverified rumors are like catnip for websites like this one, because let's face it, they're fun. Even if you truly don't believe that anything described in the rumor could actually happen, you get to play a little Nostradamus for a while, pretending you can see into the future and second-guessing the decisions that the studios or filmmakers in question probably haven't even made yet

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Read Stephenie Meyer's New Introduction And An Excerpt From The Host

Last month, one of the novels that made our list of suggested summer reading for books that are being made into movies was Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Unlike Meyer's Twilight series, which is a more romance-focused vampire drama, The Host is a sci-fi story about a human and an alien who share the same body.

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The Host Set Video Shows Caves, Stunts And The Filming Of A Dramatic Scene

Those who are greatly anticipating the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Host have only to wait until March of next year to see how the story will look on the big screen. In the meantime, some behind the scenes footage of the film has made its way online, giving us a look at the set for the film and some of the stunts performed.

Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer To Produce Adaptation Of Lois Duncan's Down A Dark Hall

First published in 1974, the young adult novel is about a young girl named Kit Gordy who goes to a boarding school called Blackwood where she is one of only four students. While this would be seen as odd by anyone, the situation only gets worse when Kit discovers that Blackwood is actually haunted by an evil curse. Wyck Godfrey, who served as a producer on all of the Twilight movies, is currently in negotiations to produce the project as well.

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The Host Teaser Poster Arrives Online

Earlier this month, we shared a photo from the upcoming Andrew Niccol directed adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s alien invasion novel The Host. The picture, which featured star Saoirse Ronan offered a good look at her eyes, and the glowing ring around the pupil, which in the story, indicates that the person has been occupied by one of the invading aliens, called Souls. The first teaser poster for the film has made its way online, and much like the photo, and the cover of Meyer’s novel, the emphasis is on the eye.

New Photo From Stephenie Meyer's The Host Shows Us Saoirse Ronan's Eyes

While The Twilight Saga wraps up later this year, Stephenie Meyer fans and those with an interest in sci-fi have The Host to look forward to. We’ve officially passed the one-year mark in counting down to the adaptation’s March 29 release in 2013. We’ve already gotten a few glimpses of the film, including a handful of photos and a teaser. This latest photo gives us another peek at the lead character, and a great look at her eyes.

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Four New Photos For The Host Show Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons And Diane Kruger

While the hype for the second part of the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s final Twilight book Breaking Dawn continues to wind up, things are just getting going for the author’s non-Twilight novel, which is headed into theaters next year. Last week, a new teaser trailer for The Host released, and now we have some photos to tack onto that, which include Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons.

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The Host Adds Titanic Co-Star Frances Fisher To Its Growing Cast

It’s hard to know what to expect of The Host. Because it comes from Meyer, I’m sure Open Road Films would love to see it make a fraction of the Saga’s box office. But that’s likely unrealistic. It might even have a hard time keeping pace with The Hunger Games, which is shaping up to be a massive hit.

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The Host Facebook Contest Offers Fans A Chance To Be Featured In The Teaser Trailer

While The Twilight Saga will wrap up this year with the second part of Breaking Dawn hitting theaters this November, Stephenie Meyer fans will get to see the writer’s non-vampire book The Host make its way onto the big screen next year. One of those fans may also get to see their face in a teaser trailer for the film.

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Diane Kruger May Play Key Role In Stephenie Meyer's The Host

Adding legitimate talents like Ronan and Kruger help to ensure that The Host won’t be as painful for non-Meyer converts. And while The Host sounds like the umpteenth take on the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers fable, Niccol wrote The Truman Show and directed an underrated In Time with Justin Timberlake, so he has the ability to spin a conventional plotline in unexpected directions

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Twilight Scribe Stephenie Meyer Primed For Breaking Dawn Cameo

Given the fact that “Breaking News” alerts are blasted across the Internet every time someone sneezes on the set of a Twilight film, I’m fairly surprised news of this cameo have been kept under wraps. With the finale of the franchise coming up soon, director Bill Condon has decided to pay tribute to those behind the scenes.

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Andrew Niccol Confirmed To Direct Saoirse Ronan In The Host

Now I guess it's time to build a cast around Ronan, who's got a serious job ahead of her playing both human Melanie and alien invader Wanderer; in this version of the War of the Worlds story the infiltrating aliens actually take over the brains of human hosts

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Saoirse Ronan Will Star In Adaptation Of Stephenie Meyer's The Host

The film's rights will be sold at Cannes next week, and Ronan's attachment has got to make it a more intriguing sell. Unlike the Twilight films, which cast a bunch of unknowns and started with the very low-budget first film, The Host looks like it will be a big deal from the very beginning

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