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Welcome to the 45th edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! This week, Mick and Adrienne bring back CinemaBlend editor extraordinaire Corey Chichizola to talk about their favorite television comedies that you can watch on streaming which have stood the test of time! Obviously, there are a ton of classic comedies we could have chosen to put the spotlight on for this edition of the podcast, but we wanted to make sure you, fair listener, would have a chance to see these shows if you hadn't already, or if you hadn't watched them in a long time. As such, we've picked out our favorites of the major sitcoms from the past few decades that you can enjoy any time on streaming services!

We've picked four of the best-known classic sitcoms available on streaming to talk about today. We'll give you some background info on each show, and then discuss why these comedies still hold up, whether or not we think they're shows that can be binge watched, where you can stream each series and what other shows you can stream if you've already had your fill of our main suggestions. And, because we care about helping you make the most of your streaming time, we'll also talk a bit about some popular comedies from days gone by that simply didn't hold up well at all. Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

2:18 - Streaming News You Need To Know

TV Comedies That Stand The Test Of Time
8:27 - Friends
18:40 - The Office
30:10 - Parks & Recreation
38:38 - Golden Girls

TV Comedies That DON'T Stand The Test Of Time
44:34 - Full House
47:33 - Saved By The Bell
49:22 - Home Improvement

Now, get in on the fun and have a listen to The Cord Cutter Podcast #45! Join us next time when we talk about all the important properties coming to (and leaving) Netflix in April! And, be sure to subscribe to The Cord Cutter podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter through @CordCutterPod!