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Director Ti West Talks 'X' & 'Moon Knight' Reactions

Mia Goth / Ti West / X (A24)
(Image credit: A24)

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Writer/Director Ti West joins the show to discuss his new film, a fantastic love letter to moviemaking, X (starring Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow). He breaks down some of the motivations and ideas behind many of the film’s incredible shots, Mia Goth playing two roles, some light expectations for the prequel Pearl and more. 

Marvel’s Moon Knight series has finally made its debut on Disney+ and CinemaBlend Senior Content Producer Law Sharma joins us to dive into Episode 1, the connections and deviations from the comic, Oscar Isaac's performance and more. Be sure to go check out Law’s reaction series on CineBlend’s YouTube channel where he’ll be breaking down every episode each week as the show’s story unfolds. 

The Oscars came and went last weekend, stick around for our reactions to the winners, including our own winner Jake Hamilton who hands out his punishments to the losers of this year’s Oscars wager. 

Timestamps (Approx. Only)

00:02:50 - Ti West Interview 
00:30:42 - Oscars Reactions
00:50:02 - Moon Knight Reactions
01:08:57 - This Week In Movies
01:10:03 - Morbius Review
01:16:31 - Morbius Spoilers! 
01:23:56 - Our Favorite Jared Leto Movie
01:34:19 - Outro 

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