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Patty Jenkins Talks Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot, DC Films & More

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We have another all-time interview this week with director Patty Jenkins joining the show to talk about Wonder Woman 1984. She gets into her feelings on the theatrical cut of Justice League, the influence Indiana Jones has on Steve Trevor's character, working on the score with Hans Zimmer and so much more. It's a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes tidbits, and one of our favorite interviews yet.

In the main section of the show, we dig into the earth-shattering announcement that Warner Bros. plans to release its entire slate on their HBO Max streaming platform day-and-date with theaters. Alfred Molina has apparently been confirmed for Spider-Man 3, and we get into our theories for what this next Spider-Man film might be turning into.

Our weekly BlendGame picks back up with a fun topic about who our favorite directors which started in the industry as actors are. Next week, you can play along on Twitter with "#OriginalReleaseBlend" to let us know what culturally impactful film would you most want to go back and experience during its original release, and the effect it had on audiences.

This Week In Movies

  • I'm Your Woman
  • Let Them All Talk
  • The Prom
  • Wild Mountain Thyme

Timestamps (approx. only)

3:10 - Patty Jenkins Interview

32:48 - Weekly Poll: Was Warner Bros.' HBO Max decision a good one?

34:33 - In depth on Warner Bros.' 2021 Streaming Strategy

1:07:44 - Alfred Molina Cast in Spider-Man 3

1:17:37 - This Week In Movies

1:26:02 - #ActorTurnedDirectorBlend

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