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Despite all of the irritations of being pregnant and despite the months of intensive labor to get your body back into shape, there is nothing quite like having a baby, getting to hold that baby in your arms, and knowing it came from inside you. Just ask Beyonce, who has felt every month with new baby Blue Ivy Carter has been worth the effort. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, since having a baby is pretty fucking cool. What might be a little bit surprising is how giddy Beyonce seems to already be about re-living the experience.

Beyonce only had her baby four months ago, but already she has been busy getting back into shape and even going on tour. On Monday, the singer took some time out of her busy schedule to attend the famed Met Gala, where Entertainment Tonight snagged an interview with the lovely looking celebrity. When the conversation moved into baby making, Beyonce revealed she would love to have more children with husband Jay-Z.
"I definitely want to have more. I don't know how many. God knows I don’t know yet."

So, maybe Beyonce won’t be jumping back into the procreation game soon, but she certainly does want to have more kids. Who can blame her? Blue Ivy Carter is adorable, and totally worth the money spent to trademark her name. Maybe, in the future, Blue Ivy will even be joined by little Yellow Sassafras and her twin brother Green Onion. If only the world could be so divine.

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