With the Titanic’s 100th anniversary right around the corner, it is no surprise the craze over the sinking is at an all-time high. Recently, James Cameron re-released Titanic in 3D in theaters, which should be enough of a thrill for most fans. However, hardcore fans are ready to relive the tragedy in a more overt way.

In Southhampton, England a cruise is set to depart today from the very same location the Titanic set sail back in 1912. Called the Titanic Memorial Cruise, the 12- night journey will follow the route the Titanic took as well as achieve much of the ambiance: many of the meals, the music, and other events passenger enjoyed so long ago will also be available during the trip. However, with global warming heating up the planet, passengers can expect the journey to be iceberg free.

Instead, at 11:40 a.m. on April 14, passengers can join a memorial ceremony to commemorate the moment the fateful iceberg was struck. Later, in the early morning on April 15, a short ceremony will be available for passengers wishing to mark the very moment the Titanic sunk into the deep, black waters of the Atlantic Ocean. According to the Associated Press, the trip should be very personal for some of its passengers, who are actual relatives and descendants of those who died or lived to tell the tale of the great doomed vessel.

The cost of the trip did not come cheaply, however. Tickets ran between $4,445 dollars and $9,520. Most of us are probably better off seeing Cameron’s vision in 3D.

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