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Football is a big deal in Texas. If you didn’t learn that from Varsity Blues or Friday Night Lights, you should have learned that when damn near the entire state started blaming Jessica Simpson for her then boyfriend Tony Romo's typical Romo-sistency. Five years later, Houston Texans hurler Matt Schaub is the quarterback fans are pissed off about, and that Southern anger manifested itself in a pretty unfortunate way this week.

According to ESPN, an unidentified male (obviously) drove to Schaub’s house and let the quarterback know exactly how pissed off the fanbase is about his less than adequate play lately during an angry driveway tirade. The NFL’s security department is currently investigating the manner, but thankfully, the situation wasn’t serious enough to call the police. Rumors that someone may have been taking pictures of the suddenly interception prone quarterback’s family, however, are a whole lot scarier than some diehard fan blowing off steam.

That being said, driving to a famous person’s house to scream at them is never acceptable, unless you actually have a relationship with said person. I firmly believe buying a ticket gives fans the right to boo and voice their displeasure (up to a point). Hell, I’m not even opposed to sounding off on Internet message boards and calling into radio stations, but there’s a huge difference between venting about someone’s shitty play and trying to physically intimidate him and ruin his day.

At two and three, Houston is far from out of the playoff picture, but in order to rebound, they’re going to need Schaub to improve. It’ll be far easier to do so if he’s thinking positively and not worrying about idiots driving onto his lawn and screaming at his family.

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