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Where would we be without Wikipedia, our go-to digital glossary? Think of all the poor high schoolers who would have to research their projects in actual encyclopedias, or the millions of TV fans forced to find plot and cast information in some dark hole on the Internet. Well lucky for them, they don’t have to. Today, more than 87 million visitors head to Wikipedia each month. Now that 2013 is over, it’s time to look back and see what the site’s most popular pages of the year were. Considering the number of weird things you can find on Wikipedia, you would expect this list (courtesy of The Telegraph) to be a bit more esoteric. Alas, with the exception of one or two surprises, it turns out we are a fairly predictable species when it comes to searching.

Landing at number one is the page for Facebook, with more than 30 million views. It’s not entirely shocking to hear that FB has an enormous footprint on Wikipedia. However, their popularity may be due to people “accidentally typing the term [Facebook] into the Wikipedia search bar.” I am not quite sure how anyone could accidentally do something like this, but no matter. Congrats on the top spot, Mr. Zuckerburg.

In a distant second is former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s page, receiving 21 million views over the last 12 months. The increase in visitors was likely due to Thatcher’s passing this past April––enough to get it past the third place finisher, Breaking Bad, which ended its run on AMC in September. Thanks to a rabid fan base, the page clocked in with 17 million views.

Rounding out the top five are the pages for G-force (thanks, “Gravity”) and Google. The List of Bollywood films of 2013 lands in the number nine spot, with 15 million views, and both “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” get some love at the 11th and 12th spots, respectively. But perhaps the most surprising entry on this list is the CW show “Arrow,” whose page received more than 12 million views in 2013. The series only averages about three million viewers an episode, so those three million must really love the show.

If you’ve never heard of “Arrow,” you may be a bit confused by its inclusion on the list. However, you should just be thankful that something ridiculous like twerking or toe shoes didn’t make the top 20.

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