Did Amazon Just Reveal The Song Of Ice And Fire: Winds Of Winter Release Date?

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Game of Thrones' sixth season may have triumphantly ended with its finale "The Winds of Winter", but being involved in Westeros is often a year-round job for fans of the popular HBO series and its accompanying novels by George R.R. Martin. The Song of Ice and Fire novels have been being devoured by readers since 1996, with author George R.R. Martin taking years and years to complete each detailed installment. Things got particularly hairy this year, as the newest novel, also titled The Winds of Winter, wasn't finished before Season 6 was aired. As such, fans of the show already have an idea of how things will play out in the upcoming novel. Luckily for us, this disconnect might not last long, as Amazon may have accidentally revealed when the next book will be released.

Amazon's French website may have made a pretty insane error in regards to The Winds of Winter's mysterious release date. Over on their site it lists the upcoming novel with a March 6th release date. George R.R. Martin's 6th novel doesn't have an official release date, so this is giant news for both the TV and novel audiences. Check out the accidental listing below.

winds of winter release date

Someone might be in serious trouble over at Amazon.fr. If true, this is a huge error on their part which has the ability to completely derail any marketing strategies that George R.R. Martin and his publisher may have planned.

The amount of readers wanting to delve back into Westeros through George R. R. Martin's writing is massive, as the latest novel A Dance with Dragons was released way back in 2011. Martin is extremely detailed in his novelizations, and as such he takes a long ass time to write each novel. We as readers are privy to every thought, meal, and garment that the first-person characters experience during the Great Game.

While this style makes for a delightful literary experience, it's become a bit more controversial with each season of Game of Thrones. Book fans were excited to see their favorite characters on the small screen, but it's now come to a point that Game of Thrones has surpassed the novels in regards to timeline. As such, future seasons have the ability to spoil the novels, so fans were hoping thatGeorge R.R. Martin would move at a more aggressive pace when writing new books. But that just hasn't been the case.

We will keep you updated on all things Game of Thrones as more details become public. We haven't heard from George R.R. Martin's camp as to whether or not the leaked release date is factual- stay tuned for more details.

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