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He may play a powerful Norse god on the big screen, but when Chris Hemsworth is hanging out with his family he's a big ole softie. An adorable new photo of Hemsworth hugging one of his twin sons during a trip to the playground is showing off just how loving of a father the actor is. Go ahead --- just try to look at it without saying "Awww!"

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Too cute! Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky uploaded the sunny photo to her Instagram after a playdate at the park over the weekend. It's not clear which of the couple's twin sons Hemsworth is snuggling --- that's identical twins for ya --- it's either Tristan or Sasha. Both are two years old. The couple also has a four-year-old daughter named India Rose Hemsworth.

Though Chris Hemsworth has obviously been very busy in the couple of years since his sons were born (being one of the main heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't give you much time away from set), Elsa Pataky makes sure to capture the adorable father/son moments he shares with Tristan and Sasha. Apparently, the playground is a favorite of theirs --- Pataky posted another picture of Hemsworth playing with the twins a few months back.

But Elsa Pataky isn't the only one sharing cute pics of Chris Hemsworth and his young sons. Hemsworth is sure to take in moments of beauty with his kids when playtime is over, uploading a colorful photo of himself and Tristan gazing at the sunset together. It also shows off Tristan's Thor-like locks of golden hair. Like superhero father, like son.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky met and got married in 2010, shortly after Pataky split from her previous boyfriend Adrien Brody, and a couple years after Hemsworth had split up with actress Isabel Lucas. Before they began dating, Pataky was mostly known for her roles in Spanish-language films and television shows. Now, she's also the star of a major movie franchise, playing police officer Elena Neves in each Fast & Furious film since and including the fifth. She and hubby Chris Hemsworth actually worked together in 2013's sequel Thor: The Dark World, though Pataky was uncredited. Hemsworth revealed that his wife stood in for the role of Thor's love interest Jane Foster during the climactic kissing scene, due to a scheduling conflict that prevented Natalie Portman from getting to set that day.

While we can't wait to see Chris Hemsworth on the big screen, we definitely don't mind seeing him in dad-mode on our phone screens as well!

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