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If we've learned anything from watching celebrities use social media over the last few years, it's that you do not come for Chrissy Teigen. The model epically clapped back at one of her followers after she criticized Teigen for using in vitro fertilization as her means of getting pregnant.

It all started on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet on Sunday night. Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend were being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, and she told the outlet that their next baby would definitely be a boy. How can she be so sure? Well, because Teigen will be undergoing the process of in vitro fertilization for a potential second pregnancy --- just as she did last year to give birth to her daughter Luna Stephens --- and she clarified the next day that the only embryo she has left to use is a male one.

While most people see no issues with in vitro fertilization and understand that it's the only way some women are able to give birth, Chrissy Teigen's post about the process ruffled the feathers of one of her followers: a woman named Linda. Linda scolded Teigen for not getting pregnant naturally.

Chrissy Teigen didn't miss a beat in firing off her response. Ten minutes after Linda sent her criticism, Teigen shot back that she indeed has tried to get pregnant naturally for almost a decade.

I think "you complete witch" is officially my new favorite insult.

Chrissy Teigen has been very open about her struggles with conceiving and her decision to use in vitro fertilization as a means of having children. When the topic of family came up on a 2015 episode of her old talk show FABLife, Teigen revealed that she and John Legend had been trying to have kids for several years, but it had been such a struggle. At the end of that year, Teigen announced that she was pregnant with her first child thanks to the process, and nine months later she gave birth to Luna Stephens in April of 2016.

Chrissy Teigen

Though Chrissy Teigen did confirm on Twitter that she is not currently pregnant, she and Legend have spoken about wanting to expand their family in the future (hence why the baby number 2 question came up at the SAG Awards in the first place), and I'm sure Teigen will keep us updated on any new kiddos on her very active Twitter account. Linda will probably want to restrain from commenting any more...

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