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Get excited! Lady Gaga headlined the Coachella Music Festival on April 15 and debuted her brand-new single, "The Cure," to the thousands of arm-waving music lovers in the audience. The song is a message of absolute love, apparently from Lady Gaga to her fans, and many listeners are already giving the track affection in return by attaching it to big buzz words like "song of the summer." Check out Lady Gaga's rockstar delivery of the new pop track here:

Lady Gaga came to slay at Coachella. She introduced the track midway through her set of 20 songs like "Just Dance," "Edge of Glory," and "Yoü and I." Fans were ready with their cameras to take videos like the one above, but Gaga has yet to post a clip of the moment to her Youtube page. Gaga was the first woman to headline the festival since Björk ten years ago. She replaced Beyoncé as the headliner after Queen Bey announced her pregnancy earlier this year. (It is anticipated that Beyoncé will be the headliner next year.) After the performance of "The Cure," Lady Gaga announced it would become available for streaming on Apple Music.

The editing of the surprising track is super modern with clicks, synths, and signature Gaga peculiarities, but it touches on an element from the past, something we loved about summer songs ten or twenty years ago. Lady Gaga worked on the track with Paul "DJ White Shadow" Blair who helped her curate the Born This Way album and Nick Monson who helped her with her Artpop album before taking on projects with Britney Spears and Little Mix. If the music from the Born This Way era was Lady Gaga's nod to the 80s, this song could signal an embracing of early-1990s aesthetics found in songs like "Rain" by Madonna and "Love Will Never Do" by Janet Jackson, or in tracks by Soul for Real or Boys II Men. But it could also fit on a current playlist with music by Drake, Fifth Harmony, and Selena Gomez.

Lady Gaga seems to be on a streak of career highs. She killed it with her halftime show at the Super Bowl. She rocked out with Metallica at the Grammys. Now she is working on the A Star Is Born project Bradley Cooper is directing. Plus, Gaga has been touring the world with her hugely popular Joanne World Tour. All of these things are happening only a year after she won the Golden Globe for her turn on the small screen in American Horror Story and six months since she dropped her last album, the country-influenced Joanne. With such a busy schedule, it is incredible that Lady Gaga has had time to hop back in the studio to create new tracks.

There is no word yet on what "The Cure" means for the next step in Lady Gaga's career. It could be a standalone track, or it could be part of a repackaged version of Joanne. Then again, it could signal the beginning of a full departure from the Joanne era, which received a mixed review. If this track and the direction of Lady Gaga's Coachella set list are any indication, we will have a lot to look forward to from Mother Monster in coming months. Of course, we will be here for every moment.

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