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On Tuesday, November 14, Rose McGowan turned herself over for arrest by authorities at the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office in Virginia. The news comes but weeks after a spokesperson for The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department made a public statement about a warrant out for McGowan's arrest over felony drug charges. The 44-year-old actress and activist got booked and released after posting a $5,000 bail. She also got a mugshot, which you can see here:

Rose McGowan mugshot courtesy Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

Supposedly, an item Rose McGowan inadvertently left on a United Airlines flight to Washington D.C. in January tested positive for narcotics when officials at Washington Dulles International Airport examined it. In response, the Magistrate's Office of Loudoun County, Virginia, issued a felony warrant for McGowan's arrest on February 1.

As E! tells it, The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department allegedly tried to contact Rose McGowan several times throughout the year. Their supposed efforts proved futile, so they circulated a bench warrant for McGowan's arrest and sent out documents to a national law enforcement database.

When word of the warrant finally made its way to the former Charmed actress, she took to Twitter to blast the officials behind the situation. McGowan called the matter "horseshit" and directly questioned if the warrant was but another attempt to silence her in the wake of her vocalizing allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. However, when McGowan tweeted about her awareness of the bench warrant, the officials working on the case decided to make their public statement.

Apparently, paranoia was at the crux of Rose McGowan's hesitation to turn herself in for the arrest, but she decided to face the problem head-on when the officials made the issue public. Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, McGowan's lawyer claims there was plenty of time for someone else to intercept the wallet while it was out of McGowan's possession. In fact, McGowan herself said,

I will clearly plead not guilty.

Rose McGowan also denied she uses cocaine. McGowan said she was in Washington D.C. to attend the Women's March on Washington, and she would never have wanted a drug like cocaine in her system for such an event.

Since Rose McGowan's arrest and release this week, the Grindhouse actress has spoken out about her perspective of what went down at the airport and why she plans to plead not guilty. McGowan told The New Yorker the entire ordeal was over a wallet of hers that went missing. McGowan said she left it on her seat when she went to the bathroom on the plane, but it wasn't until after she exited the plane that she realized she had forgotten it.

Later, Rose McGowan reporetedly reached out to United Airlines for help. However, it was an investigator rather than a United Airlines employee who ended up calling her. McGowan first thought it was someone with ties to a nefarious plot to scare her into silence, after she tweeted about getting raped by a movie executive, whom she later indicated was Harvey Weinstein. Thus the cycle of paranoia began and kept McGowan from submitting to authorities until this week.

It sounds like this issue will be a big, ongoing facet of the big, ongoing stories about Rose McGowan this year. We'll have to stay tuned to see what happens.

Photo Courtesy Loudoun County Sheriff's Office