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Justin Timberlake Announces New Album After Four Years With A Cryptic Video

Justin in his album promo

It's officially a New Year, with many folks around the world vowing to make a change through resolutions. And while this may typically have to do with diet and exercise choices, singer and actor Justin Timberlake has his own big plans for 2018. He's going to finally be releasing a new studio album, four years and change after his dual album The 20/20 Experience was released. This is sure to excite Timberlake's many friends who first fell in love with the curly haired lead singer of NSYNC, and have been hoping for a full album following his radio hit "Can't Stop The Feeling!" Timberlake announced his upcoming album Man of the Woods (set to arrive on February 2nd) with an artistic and self-narrated video about his current perspective on life. Check it out.

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Justin Timberlake is back in the music game, and seems to be changing things up quite a bit since his last release. Rather than another R&B inspired album, it appears as though Man of the Woods has more of a country feel, if the above video is to be believed.

This new clip shows Justin Timberlake and his wife actress Jessica Biel together in some rural and pastoral settings. In the narration, JT reveals that this upcoming album will go where none of his music has gone before: his southern roots. Justin was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and no doubt grew up listening to country and country-inspired music. Alas, Timberlake's career has never leant itself to the genre. He started off as a bubblegum pop artist, and then went into more R&B and Hip Hop during his solo albums. So Man of the Woods looks like it's going to show us a different side of the actor/singer.

Justin Timberlake's decision to go more country with a new album feels very similar to Lady Gaga's move with her last album, Joanne. Rather than going back to her pop roots, Gaga's latest album was far more folk and country inspired, and largely dedicated to her family. Similarly, Timberlake mentions his wife Jessica Biel and their son in his announcement video. He certainly seems to be in a much different headspace than he was when 20/20 Experience arrived in 2013. And in addition to exploring new places musically, perhaps we'll also get a glimpse into his life as it stands as a spouse and parent.

While Justin Timberlake hasn't released a full album in years, he's certainly been keeping himself busy. "Can't Stop The Feeling!" was massively successful, allowing Timberlake to stay in the music lexicon, be on the radio, and rake in the bucks. Aside from that single, he's been mostly focused on his acting career, picking up a variety of projects. In addition to his voice role in the Trolls franchise, he's set to appear in the upcoming Woody Allen movie Wonder Wheel, and was seen in films like Runner Runner, The Social Network, and Friends with Benefits.

Justin's new album Man of the Woods is set to arrive on February 2nd, 2018.

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