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John Stamos in Grandfathered

While being rich and famous is an American dream, it's often a double edged sword. Things like privacy become a thing of the past, and drastic measures are sometime necessary to ensure the safety of celebs. And over the past few years, there has been a slew of high profile celebrity robberies. Perhaps the most well known of these sobering events was Kim Kardashians' harrowing robbery at gunpoint in Paris, resulting in millions of jewelry lost and a ton of emotional trauma. Fuller House star John Stamos' fiancee Caitlin McHugh has now also been robbed of jewelry, but she was luckily nowhere near the incident when it occurred.

John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh are reportedly getting married this weekend, so it should have been a time for the happy couple to enjoy themselves. But when McHugh left her Beverly Hills Hotel room yesterday, it seems burglars got into her bungalow and stole $165,000 in jewelry. Furthermore, the pieces were on loan, meaning that the model/actress may be responsible for the loss.

One can't help but feel for Caitlin McHugh, as she's supposed to be having one of the happiest times of her life. In addition to the couple's upcoming wedding, McHugh is also pregnant with Stamos' child, adding to the excitement. Unfortunately this robbery will no doubt put some type of shadow over the celebration.

This report, which comes to us from TMZ, is just the latest in a line of notable celebrity robberies. The robbery suffered by Kim Kardashian proved just how terrifying the world could be, as two gunmen broke into her room, held her up at gunpoint, and left her bound in a bathtub. While Caitlin McHugh's robbery was nowhere near as terrifying, it once again proves that hotels are sometimes not the safest place for celebrities like she and Kardashian.

Public figures often have a hard time navigating in public spaces, like a grocery store or hotel. For the latter, celebs have been known to use aliases to book accommodations. With Caitlin McHugh also become a victim of a robbery specifically tied to jewelry, one has to wonder you can be more careful while being in possession of some serious ice. Kim Kardashian reportedly is no longer keeping jewelry at home, in hopes of making it a safer place for the family.

Hopefully Caitlin McHugh and John Stamos aren't too shaken up, as it should be a very special weekend for the couple. Stamos' generations of fans have been very excited to see him so happy with Caitlin McHugh, and news of their engagement and pregnancy basically broke the internet. After all, who doesn't want to marry Uncle Jesse? It's just too bad that their impending nuptials won't include a performance of "Forever" by Jesse & the Rippers.