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Olympic Medalist Lindsey Vonn Had An Oscars Wardrobe Malfunction

Minutes before she walked onto the red carpet at the Oscars, 2018 Olympic bronze medalist Lindsey Vonn had a wardrobe malfunction. The alpine skier had an issue with her sleeve on her custom gown. The situation called for a dire last-minute decision. Vonn cut off her sleeves only moments before she strutted in front of the cameras. But Vonn still made it work. You can take a look at her full costume, below.

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As People revealed the day after the ceremony, Lindsey Vonn had a mini fashion fiasco before heading out the door of her Bel Air hotel room. Her sleeves weren't right, and her stylist Jeff Kim made a quick alteration before Vonn appeared on the red carpet with her sister, Karin Kildow. It was a stressful situation for the such a major Hollywood appearance, but she made the most of the moment and it turned out pretty well. Here's what Vonn said on the red carpet when she was asked about her thoughts on the evening.

Pretty stressed out, high anixety, but I made it down the red carpet so far without tripping and my outfit is still together so I'm happy... I'm out of my comfort zone. It's a lot... The Oscars are such a big deal. I'm just trying to soak it all in and not mess it all up.

Thankfully, despite this early snafu, the night seemed to turn out pretty well for Lindsay Vonn. Even though the Olympian is used to riding down hills at lightning fast speed, Vonn was more overwhelmed by the danger that comes with the red carpet. Notably, if it caused another wardrobe problem.

Going fast is easy. That's the easy part. Anything can happen [here]. Like, what if my dress rips and my butt falls out? That might be [exciting] for you, but not for me.

The Oscars were held at the Dolby Theatre last night, where The Shape of Water walked away with Best Picture and Best Director for Guillermo Del Toro. While the athlete was thankful not to have a full-blown wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet, the slope skier did recently appear with little clothing on in her recent health and lifestyle book Strong Is the New Beautiful, released last year. While she might be new to the Hollywood scene, the athlete isn't a stranger to Hollywood. Vonn appeared in an episode of Law & Order back in 2010, and she made an appearance on Project Runway. She is also the subject of two documentaries: Lindsey Vonn: The Return, which came out in 2013, and Lindsey Vonn: The Climb, released in 2015.

We're not sure when Lindsey Vonn will grace the red carpet again, but we're hoping the next trip goes off without a hitch.

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