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The Queen finally gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle her royal blessing. Only two months before the couple is set to wed at the Royal Wedding, Queen Elizabeth provided her formal consent, which marks another step towards the Suits actress becoming an official member of the royal family.

People reported the news. The permission was granted in a royal letter the Queen penned to the Privy Council at Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth was noted to be "pleased" to make the following declaration to the council on March 14th. Here's what the Queen herself wrote regarding the wedding.

My Lords, I declare My Consent to a Contract of Matrimony between My Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle, which Consent I am causing to be signified under the Great Seal and to be entered in the Books of the Privy Council.

This written consent from Queen Elizabeth is part of the royal process. To be in succession to the throne, Prince Harry needed to obtain formal permission from the 91-year-old monarch. It's part of the Succession to the Crown Act. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle earned the Queen's blessing (it's also worth noting that she uses Meghan Markle's real first name, Rachel, as many people might not realize Meghan is her middle name), the soon-to-be-wed couple can continue focusing their attention on getting everything prepared-- particularly as the Royal Wedding date looms closer.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be married on May 19th in the Windsor Castle; they were engaged back in late November. The Royal Wedding process is extensive, as you can imagine, and it includes a variety of different preparations -- including self-defense classes for Markle herself. The guest list is also quite massive. Over 2,640 people are estimated to be invited to attend the ceremonies, including celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Elton John. The Spice Girls are also included on the roaster. There are rumors speculating they'll be performing their first show in ages during the reception. If you're not invited to the wedding, however, fret not. There will be a live broadcast of the whole ceremony, which means you won't need to dress up.

Meghan Markle continues to grow closer to the royal family, particularly to the Queen. On a few days ago, the wife-to-be attended her first event with the Queen, which was a celebration for Commonwealth Day. She also had tea with the Queen for the first time months earlier. Additionally, Markle is adopting her sister-in-law Kate Middleton's signature post, The Duchess Slant, which she showcased quite recently as well. With the Royal Wedding drawing closer, Markle is fitting in swimmingly with the royal family. Thankfully, now that it's written in ink, she'll continue to grow closer to her in-laws.

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