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Kylie Jenner is planning ahead for the summer. Not even a full week into spring, the youngest Jenner is already thinking about bikini season. As Kylie Jenner revealed this week, she is looking back at one look from her past and making it a full priority to turn some heads in the hot summer sun. Take a look.

summer goals ???? #tb

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The Instagram throwback picture comes shortly after Kylie Jenner showed off her stomach on Snapchat over the weekend after just seven weeks of motherhood. In less than two months, Kylie is fit and ready to flaunt it, proudly showcasing how active she remains -- even with the recent birth of her first child, Stormi, in early February. Of course, given her fame and fortune, Kylie has people helping her out along the way, but it's still very impressive.

While Kylie Jenner remained silent about the pregnancy until she gave birth on Super Bowl weekend (though rumors abounded), the young model has been open about herself and her new daughter ever since. The baby girl was born on February 1st and the father is her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. Kylie Jenner kept the pregnancy under wraps because she wanted to have the most "positive, stress-free and healthy" process she could, but now that Stormi is ready for the world, she isn't afraid to give the public a few looks at her new child. Kylie shares photos of the baby, including one celebrating Stormi's one-month birthday, on her social media feeds fairly regularly, and one of these pics even inspired weird, creepy nail tributes from Russian designers.

Also, Kylie Jenner isn't going to let motherhood stop her from making headlines. The decision to share her stomach on Snapchat yesterday is a fairly surprising one, given that she recently cost the app company over a billion dollars last month. When the model tweeted out her dislike for Snapchat's recent updates, the picture-sending service found themselves losing millions of users, resulting in a swift downfall in their shares. Other celebs like Rihanna have similarly expressed disinterest in Snapchat as well since Kylie Jenner made her proclamation. That said, even though Kylie isn't a fan of the new look, Kylie did call Snapchat her "first love" on the same day. So, it's not all hard feelings. It appears that Jenner will continue using the app to share her fitness progress.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner isn't the only Keeping Up with the Kardashians star with a new child or new pregnancy. Kim Kardashian recently welcomed her third child Chicago West via surrogate back in January, while Khloe Kardashian is currently pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. It was recently revealed that Khloe will soon be having a baby girl, even though she thought it was a boy. That produced a lot of drama. Hopefully Kylie Jenner's fitness journeys will remain drama free.