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Kevin Smith has never been shy about discussing his weight. More specifically, he hasn't been afraid to poke fun at his figure. It's a frequent point of discussion in his movies, TV shows, and podcasts. He even has a show called Fatman on Batman. But since the cult filmmaker suffered a massive "widowmaker" heart attack earlier this year, shortly after filming his stand-up special Kevin Smith: Silent But Deadly, Smith has been working hard to shed the weight, and the Clerks writer and director continues to keep his fans posted on his weight loss journey. Today, Kevin Smith doesn't look like the man he once was, having recently lost a whole bunch of pounds, and he is proud of his accomplishments. Take a look at his heartfelt response to his recent weight loss, below.

Kevin Smith was never afraid to keep his fans updated on his weight loss journey, noting that he was losing the weight thanks to the wisdom provided by a fellow comedian, Penn Jillette, and his book, Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear And Other Magical Tales. The 2016 memoir/diet book has helped the comedian lose 50 pounds, as requested by his doctor, in a constant effort to better his health after his traumatic near-death ordeal. Now, he's looking slimmer, healthier and a little happier too, and we're happy for Kevin Smith's continued efforts to make himself fit and thinner. Especially if it means more candid tales about his new life as a guy who no longer has to shop at big and tall stores. Meanwhile, Smith has also been pretty honest and self-deprecating when discussing what happened in his head during his massive heart attack.

Sadly, this health update came shortly before Kevin Smith's AMC series Comic Book Men was defeated by the network, which pulled the plug before it could get renewed for an eighth season. In true Kevin Smith fashion, the news was announced via podcast, with the writer/director joined by his reality TV co-stars to give the recently-canceled show a "Viking funeral" and discuss their favorite moments from the past seven seasons of the popular series.

Even though Kevin Smith is down one show, he's certainly keeping himself busy with several other projects in-the-works. That includes another Jay and Silent Bob movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which is expected to begin filming in August. He is also still working with The CW's The Flash, where he serves as a regular director and actor, and Kevin is constantly promising a slew of different projects which may-or-may-not ever see the light of day.

In any case, whether it's related to his newest projects or his personal well-being, we'll continue to keep you posted on Kevin Smith here at CinemaBlend. Additionally, many congratulations to Kevin Smith on his impressive weight loss and many well-wishes on his continued weight loss.