Yes, Mark Wahlberg Bought His Own Car Dealership

Mark Wahlberg Transformers: Age of Extinction

Mark Wahlberg holds many titles to his name: actor, producer, model, musician, songwriter, businessman, commercial salesman, restaurant chain co-owner, and so on. But today, the A-lister adds another credit to his resume: car dealership owner. Yep. As it turns out, Marky Mark is now the proud owner of a Chevy dealership in Ohio. If you are (understandably) asking yourself, "Hey, why is two-time Academy Award-nominee Mark Wahlberg buying himself a car dealership in Ohio?," you are not alone. It is certainly a big headscratcher. We'll answer that particular question (as best we can) based on what information we know, below.

As it was reported today, the 47-year-old Transformers actor now owns his first car dealership, Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet, in Columbus, OH. And the actor's not doing it alone. He partnered with Jay Feldman, a businessman with eight Chevy dealerships throughout the southeast and mid-Michigan to his name. Feldman and Wahlberg have been friends for quite some time, notably when they became partners on Wahlburger restaurants located in Cleveland and Georgia. As it was reported by Page Six, that previous business experience inspired them to continue working together through Chevy.

In a statement, Mark Wahlberg claims he's continuously looking out for new way to expand himself and to innovate his brand. He is also constantly looking for ways to engage in businesses that he's passionate about. Therefore, while it's a bit of a departure for Wahlberg, the actor/producer felt drawn to Chevy because he was inspired to "represent an iconic brand like Chevrolet." It should also be noted that Mark Wahlberg was, of course, seen driving or near Chevy automobiles throughout the product placement-heavy Transformers movies. Perhaps that's what planted the seed in his mind? Who can know? In any case, Wahlberg is now officially the owner of a Chevy car dealership. If you wanted to get a car that was endorsed by a celebrity, make your way down to Cleveland and get a car.

In addition to owning Mark Wahlberg's Chevrolet and the Wahlburgers restaurant chain, Wahlberg holds ownership to a movie production company, a health and wellness company and a water line, which he owns with Diddy. He has branched out considerably over the years, and this is the next step. Beyond all these duties (how does he have time for anything?!), Mark Wahlberg has a few new movie titles lined up as well. For instance, he'll be teaming up once again with director Peter Berg in Mile 22, which arrives in theaters on August 17th. It serves as the fourth film they've collaborated on, after previously making 2014's Lone Survivor and 2016's Deepwater Horizon and Patriot's Day, respectively. Wahlberg served as a producer on all four films as well. Wahlberg is also soon set to be seen in Instant Family, the new comedy from his Daddy's Home One and Two director Sean Anders. That film, which Wahlberg also produced, is expected to arrive in theaters on February 15th, 2019.

And it seems Mark Wahlberg is continuing to look forward different ways to expand himself, professionally. For instance, he said a few months ago that he was looking to get into directing soon, especially now that he has years of experience as both an actor and producer. So, perhaps, we should be expecting Mark Wahlberg to add more titles to his name soon? Should that happen, we'll keep you posted.

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