Why Mark Wahlberg Decided To Do AT&T Commercials

Mark Wahlberg AT&T Good Vibrations

This may be news to you, but Mark Wahlberg is not a commercial guy. That is, he wasn't until recently when he started doing ads for AT&T. So why all the sudden does Marky Mark have a change of heart? I'd like to speculate the company gave him "Good Vibrations", which seems somewhat in line with Wahlberg's response below:

I have fun making Transformers, but that's five long months of Michael Bay trying to blow you up. With this, Pete and I, we've worked together well for a long time...and I can trust him, so this is a much more pleasant experience.

I wonder if it was a sweet sensation as well? Jokes aside, I can totally empathize with an actor wanting to take a simple project fresh off the set as something as chaotic as a Michael Bay Transformers film. As Mark Wahlberg also adds, it helps that director Peter Berg was involved as well. Variety tells us Berg, who previously worked with Wahlberg on Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, and Entourage as well as other projects, is directing the new ads which will feature the entire services of AT&T all at once.

While helping out a friend and drowning out potential tinnitus caused by constant explosions on the Transformers set seem like ample motivation enough, it's not the only reason Mark Wahlberg has for appearing in the AT&T commercials. Wahlberg says that while technology isn't necessarily his thing, he can appreciate what the company is trying to do for the sake of his children:

I really liked the way they were talking about giving consumers entertainment. I'm not really a tech guy, but I've got four small kids, and they've got iPads, iPhones, and all these things and I'm now having to start to figure it out and it's just made it easier for me to access what I want and what I need.

I know some of you may have your jaws agape at the moment, but try to understand. Despite his dashing good looks, let's remember that Mark Wahlberg is closer to 50 than he is 30. Anyone reaching that age range can surely appreciate Wahlberg's honesty that the tech world is speeding up and sometimes his life is too busy to keep up. His job is to act and advocate, he can pick up on all the finer details later.

What's important here is that Mark Wahlberg is now in commercials, and judging from his first one, that's a good thing. If you're interested in seeing Wahlberg's AT&T ad be sure to jump over to the next page and see 90 seconds of him talking and plenty of TV references you'll love. If you'd rather skip the commercials and get back to the television, visit our summer premiere schedule to see what all is on the way and our renewal guide to see what's coming and going.

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