Mark Wahlberg Did A Dad-Rap, And His Daughter Looks Adorably Mortified

Believe it or not, there was once a time when Mark Wahlberg was one of the most recognizable rappers in the world. It's something that most people forget, ever since the artist formerly known as Marky Mark became an A-list movie star. Apparently, Wahlberg also forgot that he was a rapper. He dropped a few bars on a radio show on Wednesday, and his lazy flow was called out by his own daughter. Watch it below...

Mark Wahlberg stopped by The Dan Patrick Show with his 13-year-old daughter Ella Wahlberg to promote his upcoming movie Deepwater Horizon. Before too much talk about Wahlberg's future plans, though, Ella took it upon herself to remind her father of his past. She requested that her dad take it back to his Marky Mark days and spit a few rhymes --- a request that she would almost immediately regret.

Mark Wahlberg took the opportunity to go into full dad mode and rap about punishing his daughter. Earlier in the show, Wahlberg told the host that he had taken Ella's cell phone away recently as a punishment, and that was clearly still on the actor's mind as he let loose a slow, monotone rap about spanking her.

I'm your 45-year-old father and I got to rap,And if you keep misbehaving I'm a give your behind a slap.Mhm, and it's called a spanking.Later on in life you're gonna thank me,'Cause all the advice that I'm giving you is good for you.And if not, your butt and behind is gonna be black and blue.

Immediately, Ella's face dropped and she spoke for all of us when she signaled for her father to stop embarrassing himself. Sorry Funky Bunch, but it looks like Marky Mark might be gone for good.

Mark and ella wahlberg

Deepwater Horizon hits theaters September 30. More information about Mark Wahlberg's upcoming new movie (including the intense trailer!) can be found here.