Chris Brown "Privacy" Music Video

Chris Brown is in a whole bunch of trouble right now. While that's not unusual for the controversial musician, this particular legal hassle is a bit more atypical for him. As it was previously reported, Brown is in the midst of a dispute involving a baby capuchin monkey named Fiji, which was believed to be under Brown's care. But, the musician is now claiming that the exotic animal does not, in fact, belong to him, and the R & B artist says he is not at fault. Brown doesn't think he should be charged or sentenced to jail time for this offense. It's a weird turn-of-events, but here's what we now know.

As it was reported by TMZ, Chris Brown is fighting the Los Angeles City Attorney over two counts of "having a restricted species without a permit." Should Brown be convicted of these charges, the musician could face the maximum sentence of six months in jail. Clearly, he doesn't want to spend any time behind bars -- particularly for this matter. Therefore, Brown denies the allegations that he housed an illegally harbored baby capuchin monkey.

The problems began months earlier when Chris Brown posted a video of Fiji, the baby capuchin monkey, next to Brown's 3-year-old daughter, Royalty. There were several complaints online by people believing it wasn't the least bit safe to have such a young child next to a dangerous animal, but Brown shrugged off such concerns. He wasn't able to do that, however, when the authorities came onto the scene. Specifically, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife started an investigation on Brown, looking into how he procured the animal. Not long after that, Chris Brown reportedly turned the monkey in to the police. It was only earlier this week when he was formally charged. The new year brings in Chris Brown's February 6th, 2019 court date.

When it comes to Chris Brown's beliefs that he isn't to blame, the musician claims the seemingly-damning video wasn't actually shot in his L.A. house. Rather, it was filmed in Las Vegas, none other than Sin City itself, which is where Brown claims the monkey lives with its actual owner. Brown continues to insist that he isn't the real owner of the monkey. That would seemingly contradict the claims that Brown turned the monkey in to the L.A. authorities.

This is why the authorities aren't buying that excuse, and why Chris Brown built upon that claim by saying that his relative, who actually owns the monkey, just-so-happened to be in town for that week with Fiji, and that's how he was able to turn the animal into the authorities. That explanation seems a bit... well, fishy.

So, it sounds like Chris Brown and the Los Angeles authorities are going to continue to bicker it out while this legal discourse enters the new year. As for Fiji's condition, the animal is reportedly in safe care and doing well, according to reports. At the very least, that's a very encouraging note to hear.

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