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Ariana Grande Saturday Night Live

With "thank u, next," Ariana Grande sang an anthem about loving oneself and not needing anyone else in your life to validate your own sense of worth. It became a big hit during the last few months of 2018, and it was meant to dismiss any persistent rumors that Grande was currently dating anyone (or even looking to date anyone) at this time -- particularly after the dramatic fallout of her broken engagement to Pete Davidson and the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. But there were people who misunderstood the song's intent, and there are now rumors swirling about Grande's dating life.

On Twitter, there was chatter about Ariana Grande's dating life during the early days of 2019. Speculation about Grande is far from uncommon. It doesn't take much to get the rumor mill spinning about what is happening (or what could be happening) with Ariana Grande during her extremely busy day-to-day life -- most especially these days. But Grande was quick to shoot down these alleged dating rumors when the pop star said the following:

This social media address is in response to an article that asks who Ariana Grande is dating now. The musician's dating life has certainly been at the center of pop culture news, but it sounds like she is not dating anyone at the moment. Or, at least, she doesn't want anyone to believe she's dating at the moment. Her hit single is all about celebrating singledom, and it would probably hurt the brand a bit if she were dating someone in secret right now. But more than anything else, one has to assume that Grande is just living the single life because she wants to, and doesn't want to get into dating.

In any case, there will always be rumors that persist. It's the nature of the business; Ariana Grande seems to know that. Through her personable social media accounts, the celebrity singer has been good about keeping things casual and honest with her followers. That's why she used Twitter to let everyone know that, yes, this is just a rumor and it shouldn't be taken as fact. If she is, in fact, dating someone, she'll let people know when she is ready to let them know. For now, however, it doesn't sound like she's in any relationships -- other than her long-term relationship with "Ari," of course.

So while her radio-friendly song is all about saying "who's next?," it doesn't seem like Ariana Grande is looking to invite anyone else into her life right at this moment. She is reportedly single, and she's not yet looking to mingle. But there will be no shortage of updates about Ariana Grande -- personally and professionally -- throughout 2018, and we will certainly keep you posted on those many developments, as well as other pop culture news breaks.