Woman Bitten By Python While She Was Using The Toilet

Snake on A Plane Still

When you have a fear of snakes, or anything particularly squirm-worthy, you hope that you can spend your days away from their slippery presence. You don't want to make any sort of contact with these reptilian creatures -- be it in person or even just in plain sight. And you'd hope some places in life would be completely, totally snake-free. Like the bathroom, for instance. Yet, for one woman, even the bathroom wasn't a safe place to avoid the fearsome presence of a python. As it was reported this week, a poor woman found herself bitten by the sneaky snake while inside the john.

As it was reported by 10 News First Queensland (via USA Today), Helen Richards was in the bathroom at her relative's house in Australia, sitting on the toilet (as one does in the bathroom), when she suddenly felt an instant rush of pain on her butt. She quickly turned around to discover that, located in the toilet, there was five-foot carpet python returning her gaze. That's certainly an unwelcome sight in any location, but most especially on the toilet.

Now, it's safe to say that a lot of people would freak out immensely if this situation happened to them. It's pretty likely to think that you would be losing your mind if you found that your day involved getting a snake bite on your bottom while you're in the bathroom. But, animal handler Jasmine Zelený seems to have dealt with the extreme situation in a relatively calm fashion, especially considering the circumstances. She was able to remove and then relocate the pesky python away from the house, and Richards received the antiseptic spray she needed for the bite and has already healed. Hopefully, the woman should be on the mend.

In any case, the snake reportedly lashed out and bit the woman out of fear after the woman sat down, after its "preferred exit point" was "blocked," although it's left a bit vague how exactly the reptile made its way into the toilet, exactly. Meanwhile, if you're wondering how Richards didn't notice there was a snake located in the toilet when she sat down and started doing her business, she claims she didn't turn the bathroom lights on and didn't check out the toilet before the incident occurred. Well, it sounds like she'll be more careful in the future.

While it sounds like Helen Richards handled the situation as well as one could ultimately expect to, especially given the unpredictable circumstances, it does sound like she was at least a little, ahem, rattled by the occurrence. She claims she'll be more cautious about using the john in the future. And, we don't blame her. At this point, it would make sense if she never wanted to use the bathroom again in her entire life.

Meanwhile, if you want to see the bathroom snake for yourself (and it's understandable if you don't, which is why I'm putting the snake close to the bottom -- no pun intended), you can see the toilet python below.

Meanwhile, we hope this situation is a once-in-a-blue-moon (or, more appropriately, pale moon) situation and that we don't have to report on anything quite like it anytime soon. But we'll certainly continue to keep you posted on the latest pop culture news, updates and a whole lot more right here at CinemaBlend.

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