Watch Ronnie Gross Out The Jersey Shore Family Vacation Cast With His Horrifying Toilet Clogging Solution

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's toilet clogging incident in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation house was the second most dramatic thing he did in a bathroom all season, although a newly revealed deleted scene may have just blown both of those incidents out of the water. Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Most Jersiest Moments showed a clip of Ronnie revealing to his castmates his solution to keep him from clogging the toilet going forward, and their horrified expressions said it all:

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Yep, it turns out Ronnie's grand plan to keep from clogging the toilet didn't involve a dietary change or perhaps paying for a nicer toilet. Instead, Ortiz-Magro threw his used TP wipes into the wastebasket next to the toilet he shared with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. Sitch's slow transition from assuming it was a joke to disgust is only the beginning, as everyone in the house catches wind (hopefully not literally) of Ronnie's solution. Meanwhile, Ronnie is carrying on like it's completely normal, and sees absolutely no problem on leaving poop stained paper inside a small trash can in the bathroom.

The real unsung hero of this stomach-churning Jersey Shore Family Vacation scene is Pauly D, who can be seen just lingering in the doorway as Ronnie explains his whole process to JWoww and Snooki. Notice how he's just sitting there with his mouth open and not saying anything? The fact that this whole event left the loudest member of the house absolutely speechless really speaks volumes as to how revolted everyone in the house was about this happening.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro really seemed to think he had a game-changing solution to his clogging problem, and still didn't seem to fully understand why no one was on board with his wiping disposal system. Hopefully, the castmate took Snooki's advice and tried to break up his routine as to prevent clogging or we feel terrible for The Situation's fiance who likely had to use that bathroom at some point. Truth be told, we feel sorry for anyone who had to stay on the floor when that was going on because, as Pauly D said in the clip show special, if televisions could give off a smell, the show would be cancelled.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is done with Season 1, but Season 2 is headed to MTV in August. That's a good thing because there's been a lot of drama happening with all the show's cast, and we're really wondering how Season 3 is going to happen if the show's crew doesn't answer some questions sooner than later. Read up on all of that, and then head over to our summer premiere guide to see what other shows are worth watching these next couple of months.

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