This is generation chair. At work, at home, in our free time, we're all stuck in them. Whether you're planted in front of the television, on your computer obsessing over Facebook, or engaged in your exciting career as an ocularist; butt fatigue is a problem and excessive amounts of immobility aren't good for anyone. Luckily, we're here to help.

You may be stuck in a chair, but there are ways to feel like you aren’t. You can energize your body without getting up. Try our 5 easy exercises and instead of cramping up and hunching over, you’ll find yourself relieved and revived while doing your daily chair-sitting chores.

Disclaimer: By no means should you partake in any of these if you feel they may be detrimental to your health. It’s probably a good idea to consult a physician before trying them out. Also we will not be held responsible for any resulting increase in attractiveness. If you do these and become irresistible to the opposite sex, it’s not our fault.

Keeping Your Triceps In Shape
It may not seem like it, but you can work out those triceps from the comfort of a chair. “But how?” you ask. “It's easy” I say. As the image above indicates, from the sitting position you can workout your triceps from a couple of different positions. Here's how...

From the sitting down position, place both hands on the armrests of the chair and slowly put the weight of your upper-body into your arms, while slowly pushing up. You don't need to go all the way up, but instead push up only a few inches and then slowly come back down. A couple of reps and you'll feel the burn.

It's easy way to keep your arms busy during the day. Of course, you'll want to stretch out your arms afterward to keep your muscles loose and fit.

If you don't have armrests or your armrests don't seem stable enough for the exercise, no problem. Simply use the sides of your seat. Place both hands adjacent to your hips, if you can, and use the sides of the seat to do the above mentioned lifts. For a little bit of added difficulty, try sliding your bum off the seat of the chair and slowly push up from beneath the level of the chair. Novices should stay away from the harder one until you feel comfortable doing so.

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