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More than seventeen years after Alec Baldwin’s first wife, Kim Basinger, gave birth to the actor’s only child, his new wife, Hilaria, has announced she’s pregnant. The twenty-eight-year-old yoga instructor is due sometime this summer, but as far as further specifics like sex or possible names, she’s staying completely mum. We do know they’re both very excited, however.

Here’s what Hilaria recently told Reuters
"Now I'm showing and it's getting to be much more, like, 'Oh, my God, this is actually going to happen."

At one point in time, Baldwin seemed to have the ideal family, but sadly, his marriage was rocked by one of the messiest divorces and custody battles of all-time. Fortunately, that experience didn’t sour the fifty-four-year-old to having more kids. He’s reportedly so excited about the impending bundle of joy that he gets close to crying whenever he speaks about his feelings.

Fifty-four might be older than most fathers would like to be, but considering how young his wife is and how well he’ll be able to provide for the child, the future Baldwin should have a wonderful experience growing up, filled with a whole lot of famous uncles.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Alec and Hilaria on their happy news. With patience, optimism and plenty of love, they should both be wonderful parents to the little guy or girl.

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