There is no set formula for what makes the best Super Bowl halftime show, or if there is, the powers that be seem to have no idea what it is. Over the past four plus decades, organizers have tried a slew of different approaches. They got excited about hiring marching bands for a while. They went through a phase where they paired in the moment artists like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and No Doubt with older artists like Aerosmith and U2. Then Janet Jackson’s boob popped out, and they responded by skewing much older with reliable standbys like McCartney, Petty and the Rolling Stones.

In February, former Destiny’s Child member and current pop princess Beyonce Knowles will take her shot at wowing the more than one hundred million Americans who will watch the Super Bowl halftime show. Thus far, her hiring has been treated with almost uniform optimism. Her classy professionalism plays well with Middle America. Her current popularity plays well with the younger crowd, and she’s enough of a big name that most middle aged men are aware of who she is. In theory, this should be a home run. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Super Bowl halftime show, there are no guarantees.

What do you think? How will Beyonce do approximately four months from now when she takes the field? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

How Will Beyonce Do?

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