Being a female pop star requires a woman to play with her image a bit. If done properly, the singer is able to surprise fans without completely losing herself. Madonna, for example, has drastically altered her image and music dozens of times, and in recent years, Lady Gaga, much as she’d dislike admitting it, has essentially followed that same path. Beyonce has always been a bit more reserved than that, but as today indicated, she’s occasionally down for a shocking transition.

The picture embedded at the top of this article came without warning on Bey’s Instagram account this morning. As you can see, it depicts the mother rocking the blonde pixie cut stars like Miley Cyrus have recently gone to. No doubt the decision to chop it all over caused more than a few tense moments for the singer who normally rocks long hair, but considering how many pictures she’s put out of the ‘do since, it seems like she’s certainly pleased with her choice.

You can take a look at another shot of the dramatic change below…

Beyonce's New Haircut

On the one hand, Beyonce looks extremely fierce with that haircut. She looks like a badass chick with an aggressive point of view that would be really fun to hang out with. She looks like a pop star, the type of woman you’d want to sit with at a bar or to have in your phonebook in case you got the urge to do something crazy. She looks like the girl every single eye would instantly focus on the second she walked into the room. She might be a proud mother and a wife, but she certainly doesn’t seem warn down or haggard with this appearance.

On the other hand, the great thing about being a pop star is you have make-up artists and stylists at your disposal at all times. You have the chance to completely reinvent the way you look on any given night, thrilling fans in different parts of the country with original appearances based solely on your own whims and moods, and rocking a short haircut almost completely flushes that advantage down the toilet. Sure, there are still wigs and hair extensions, but when you have a haircut like this, it’s only natural to not cover it up. Thus, by rocking the pixie cut, Bey is sorta putting herself in a box. Besides, there are a sizeable percentage of people out there who think haircuts like this look horrendous. It’s a very polarizing look.

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