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This is just bananas. We’ve all seen people go a little crazy for Black Friday deals, but rarely do we see physical aggression happen…to a child. This may be the craziest Black Friday story of the year. Reportedly taking place at a Wal-Mart -- isn’t it always the Wal-Mart -- one woman decided the best way to get her bargain is to take it, literally from a child’s hands. Watch the ridiculousness below:

This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever laid my eyes on. To refrain from screaming at my computer, I’m going to walk you through every crazy-pants moment that is in this video, but before that, a disclaimer: We're discussing what's depicted in the above video, which Hollywood Life says was filmed at a Walmart in Michigan. We don't have any other information about these individuals or this store except what we're shown in this clip. Also, The Daily News has gone on to question the authenticity of the clip, which was posted online anonymously, and could have been staged.

The above said, let's take a look at what's going on here...

1) Wondering what that hot commodity is that is causing the woman in the red coat to act like she’s in the middle of the zombie apocalypse? It’s a vegetable steamer. That's right, a vegetable steamer. If you’re going to possibly traumatize a little kid in the middle of a Wal-Mart at least do it for something a little more sought after than this stupid kitchen gadget.

2) The lady in red’s incredulous response to the Mother’s defending of both her child, and her (third?) vegetable steamer. After ripping the Black Friday item from the kid’s hands and facing the wrath of an angry mother, the red coat crazy begins screaming as if she’s the victim in the situation. First yelling “Get off me!” before uttering the insanely hypocritical claim “Why do you got to be so aggressive?” That’s right lady, it’s Mom's behavior that is aggressive, coming from the woman who steals from a child.

3) Crazy McRedcoat goes straight for the veggie steamer in the little kid’s hands, completely ignoring the pile of steamers to her left. Sure, they might have gotten a little squashed due to the other shopper who threw herself on top of them, but I’m sure the appliance will steam veggies as thoroughly as its peers.

4) While the kid is surely the victim in the situation, why was he Black Friday shopping to begin with? We all know how Black Friday shopping makes some people’s eyes glaze over and forget they belong to the human race, so a good response would be to not bring your kid to the store. And yet…

5) Have none of these vegetable lovers ever heard of Cyber Monday? Surely, they could have found a top-notch steamer from the comfort of their home or workplace. Then you wouldn't have to somersault onto a pile of appliances.

Whew I sure needed that venting session. Thank you all for giving me the chance to voice my disbelief.

To the red coat baron: you better start doing some volunteer work or Krampus is totally going to get you this year.