Blogger Sues Alec Baldwin's Wife Hilaria Thomas Over Yoga Accident

A recent yoga accident is causing big waves between a Huffington Post blogger and Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Thomas. The latter is a much-sought after yoga instructor in New York City and because of her popularity, her classes are usually packed. This is probably a good thing for Thomas, who theoretically should be pulling in more money with more clients. However, an injury in the Yoga Vida studio on January 15 may now be causing more problems than packing the studio was worth.

Last month, Spencer Wolff was attending one of Thomas’ busy classes when he was asked to do a particularly intricate headstand. Wolff, who was practicing near a window, fell to one side and his left leg, unfortunately went straight through the window. According to the NY Post, a month later, Wolff is suing, stating he fears he has a “permanent disability” thanks to a class that was far too crowded.

According to those on Wolff’s side, the class was more than packed and put the students into “extreme danger.” However, those on Thomas’ side say the instructor advised Wolff that he was doing his handstand incorrectly.

Honestly, Thomas’ class only costs ten bucks and is open to both beginners and advanced students. When a person is paying that little for a class and some of the moves may be out of the person’s control, it is up to the individual to know what he or she should or should not do. Anyone who seriously exercises should know injuries are inevitable and it is the individual’s responsibility to do everything in his or her power to make sure the body is being taken care of and only pushed so far. There’s a reason we have lawsuits in this country; however, while most people likely feel empathy and understanding for Mr. Wolff, an athletic injury is a waste of the court’s time and a greedy, selfish reason to sue. Why would any person want to punish the person who was trying to help them get fit?

Getting hurt sucks, but an overwhelming majority of the time, it’s an accident and not an excuse to go to court.

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