Bloodhound Gang Might Be Banned From Russia Forever For Wiping Butt With Flag

People in the United States don’t typically take very kindly to protesters disrespecting the flag. In fact, more than a few fistfights have been started over such behavior, but on the whole, the federal government allows the stunts as a form of free speech. In other countries, however, laws aren’t nearly as kind to those who desecrate the flag. Just ask the Bloodhound Gang.

The punk rock band, best known for the album Hooray For Boobies, was playing in Odessa, Ukraine on August 2 when the audience began booing the Russian flag, which the rockers made the curious decision of displaying on the stage. Without hesitation, bassist Jared Hasselhoff shouted, “Don’t tell Putin” before he unzipped his pants, shoved it down the front and pulled it out the back, in essence wiping his ass with it. You can check out a clip of the incident in question below…

As you can see, the stunt went over very well with the crowd who was in attendance, but in the Motherland, the powers that be were decidedly less amused when footage of the incident went viral on YouTube. The next day, the band was supposed to play a concert in Anapa, Russia, but when they arrived at their hotel, they were chased out by angry demonstrators. The guys tried to apologize, but according to Bloomberg, the chaos got so crazy they were eventually forced to head for the airport, where a violent confrontation almost happened.

It’s unclear what exactly will happen moving forward, but a criminal case has been opened against the rockers and more specifically, Hasselhoff. According to RIA, several politicians have proposed banning the group from ever entering Russian borders again, and US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called the incident “disgusting” on his Twitter account, while also condemning the citizens who tried to attack the musicians at their hotel and at the airport.

I get the appeal of trying to appease the crowd. Clearly, the Ukrainians loved watching the Russian flag get desecrated, but sometimes it’s better to take the safe approach rather than potentially inciting a large group of people by going out of your way to piss them off. After all, nothing really stays behind closed doors anymore.

To remember the Bloodhoung Gang at their peak of popularity, you can check out the famous video for the “Bad Touch” below…

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