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In light of Chris Brown’s legal problems, the singer has decided to pull out of a series of four Canadian concerts, or maybe in light of his legal problems, Drop Entertainment Group has decided to cancel the 2013 Energy/ Summer Rush series. Exactly what the hell happened is unclear, but regardless, those North of the Border will miss out on the gigs that were scheduled to take place between August 29 and September 1 in Toronto, Halifax, Saint John and Winnipeg.

Problems with the 2013 Energy/ Summer Rush series began almost immediately after Brown was announced as a headliner. According to E! Online, several sponsors pulled out because of his past. That created some money problems, and when Brown approached organizers about possibly pulling out, all involved apparently made the decision to just flush this year down the toilet and start looking ahead.

Here’s the actual statement from Drop Entertainment Group…
"After ongoing conversation and consultation with this year's headline act Chris Brown, and in light of the performer's recent personal and health-related issues, a decision has been made to cancel all four scheduled performances. In the absence of a festival headliner, we cannot proceed. We will start planning immediately for next year's events and the Energy/Summer Rush series will be back in 2014, bigger and better than ever."

Brown’s most recent legal problems began with a car crash in the Toluca Lake section of Los Angeles. He bumped into a woman without causing any real damage to her car, but their conversation afterwards was less than pleasant. He allegedly refused to hand over his license, and the police were called. She later told the District Attorney’s Office she wanted to drop the matter, but prosecutors decided to push forward, likely because they long suspected Brown of cheating on his community service hours. Last week, a judge agreed and hit the singer with 1000 extra hours that need to be completed.

Hypothetically, Brown could have continued on and performed these dates in Canada. There’s nothing about his probation that forbids him from working up North, but in light of everything that’s happened, it’s not surprising he would rather take a break. After all, he suffered a seizure this month that may or may not have been caused by the stress of being hated by the general public, and going to Canada to see people protesting his performances wouldn’t exactly have been relaxing.

It’s highly unlikely anyone involved here will comment further on what happened, but if anyone does, we’ll be sure to give you an update. Until then, here’s to hoping the fine people of Canada are able to figure out something else to do in absence of hockey and this summer concert series.