Musicians and actors may show up to award ceremonies hoping to win, but an overwhelming majority of them are still able to paste on a smile and politely applaud even if they lose. Unfortunately for Chris Brown, he’s apparently not among the most. He was bested earlier this evening in the “Best Urban Contemporary Album” category by the man he recently brawled with, Frank Ocean, and he wound up being one of the only people in the entire audience who didn’t stand up.

Take a look at this screen grab the fine folks over at The Hollywood Reporter were able to get…

Immediately prior to Ocean’s win, each nominee in the category was announced, and unfortunately for Brown, he didn’t exactly receive a whole lot of applause from his fellow attendees. Thus, observers aren’t sure whether he was responding to the chilly reception, his supreme dislike for losing to Frank Ocean of all people or some combination of both. Regardless, it’s just the latest in a long series of less than flattering moments for the pop star.

Over the past few years, Brown has made it very clear that he feels persecuted by people. No doubt he wasn’t pleased at all about not getting a huge round of applause today, but what he needs to realize is these little gestures only make his situation worse.

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