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People often complain that our society has gotten too politically correct, especially when it comes to celebrities. Rather than risk alienating fans or losing out on potential jobs, most famous faces take the high road on every single issue, managing their publicity as carefully as possible. For most, the any press is good press mantra no longer applies. Chris Brown, however, is a notable exception.

From getting in an aggressive altercation with a comedienne on Twitter to flaunting his relationship with a woman he pled guilty to hitting, Brown shoots from the hip on pretty much all occasions without even the slightest fear of repercussions. Thus, it should come as no shock that he decided to send out a picture of himself smoking weed this week…

The above picture was accompanied with some text telling fans not to worry because the marijuana was medicinal. Several exclamation points and an “Lol” were also involved, though I highly doubt either addition did anything to ease the frazzled nature of his poor publicists and marketing people who have to clean up messes like this.

There is a difference between people who smoke a little weed, and people who proudly take pictures of themselves smoking stupid amounts of weed. Let the record show Brown falls in that second category.

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