The widespread annoyance over wasted tax dollars has done nothing to curb Swatting incidents in Los Angeles. Yesterday, authorities descended on the home of Chris Brown to handle a troubling domestic violence incident involving guns, but when they arrived, they found nothing but some confused members of the hip-hop star’s staff.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the initial call was fielded a little before 5 PM. The person on the phone said a domestic disturbance had turned violent at the address and the singer’s mother may have been shot. Police officers responded quickly and searched the house, but nothing out of the ordinary was discovered. After Brown’s parents were contacted, they drove over to the house and let authorities know they were fine as well.

The incident is just the latest in a long series of pranks targeted at Los Angeles area celebrities. From Justin Bieber to Ashton Kutcher to Bruce and Kris Jenner, more than a half dozen famous names have seen police offers arrive at their houses with guns drawn after fraudulent 911 calls. Recently, a twelve-year-old boy was arrested for pulling off some of the earlier incidents, but at this time, no one is quite sure who plotted this egregious waste of resources.

The LAPD has grown progressively more irritated by these incidents over the past few months. Those in charge now seem hellbent on getting to the bottom of this, and now that it’s a top priority, it'll be interesting to see whether they're able to figure out what the hell is going on.

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