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British actress EMILY BLUNT was asked to slim down to "sickness thin" for her role in fashion industry satire THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.

The petite MY SUMMER OF LOVE actress was astounded that Hollywood bosses wanted her to be unhealthily skinny. The 23-year-old says, "It's the only thing I've ever done where they wanted me to lose weight. This woman asked, 'How much do you weigh?' and when I told her she made a face and said, 'You have to get in shape.' I said, 'Well, really, I think I am in shape.' "She shook her head as if to say, 'Poor thing.' So I had to ask just how thin she wanted me to be, She said, 'On-the-edge of sickness thin,' so, I figured, 'Great, I'll call you from A&E (Accident and Emergency).'"

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