The immediate aftermath of a presidential election is typically filled with very simplistic emotions. Candidates, campaign workers and supporters are either euphoric over a victory or distraught over a defeat. In the subsequent days and weeks, however, everything tends to get analyzed very specifically to figure out why Americans elected a particular candidate and what each party can do to either continue the momentum or reverse the trend.

Almost a week after President Obama gave his happy speech, many strategists and pundits are taking a long hard look at what happened, and most seem to be asking the same two absolutely fundamental questions. Did Governor Romney lose the election, or did President Obama win it?

That might sound like two idiotic questions, but the thought process is actually correct. When people head to the polls, they don’t always vote for a candidate. Sometimes they actually vote against a different candidate. President Obama won the popular vote by a few million and the electoral college handily, but in theory, he should have been beatable. The economy hasn’t completely turned around, and after the first debate, Romney was ahead in pretty much every poll. This election was up for grabs.

The President ran a very smart, very effective campaign. All things considered, Romney ran an okay campaign. Which one do you think was ultimately more responsible for the result we got? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Which Of These Statements Is More True?

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