Flying Raptors Terrorized The Skies Back In The Day

Sky Raptors would be an absolutely awesome name for a band, as well as historically factual according to new findings. A recent dig in China has uncovered fossils of flying raptors with large wings! The sky raptor had four wings total, in addition to a raptor like feathered tail. Raptors were hard enough to kill on land in Jurassic Park! There’s no way humanity would’ve survived if these guys were still around.

This nine pound four foot wonder was discovered along the border of North Korea in 2012. The Washington Post says the Changyu’s studded wings are the longest found on any dinosaur, and reportedly took up a fourth of the creatures body. While nine pounds isn’t the size of your run of the mill land Raptor, it is about the weight of a toy poodle and the length of a beaver. That combination doesn’t sound too intimidating until you realize these guys were the real life version of the flying monkeys from The Wizard Of Oz.

Its large tail insured its high flying speeds didn’t result in catastrophe. Like we realized later in our development with airplanes, a large tail feather in the back helps guide larger objects through the air. This tail on larger flying animals is vital in preventing crashes. Larger animals require this as they fly at a much higher speed than most small birds.

One of the mysteries still undiscovered about the Changyu was whether it flapped its wings or glided. Researcher Luis Chiappe of The Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles believes that flapping their wings is the most logical assumption…

“Everyone agrees they were capable of becoming airborne somehow — and I think they took off from the ground flapping...they couldn’t have been able to climb trees like that.”

The discovery was made in an area of China that is notorious for fossils of excellent quality. Up until now, no feathered dinosaurs have been discovered in the area. With this new discovery, the long held belief that birds evolved from dinosaurs has been further solidified.

Mick Joest
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