Good Morning America’s Sam Champion is getting married. The affable weatherman will walk down the aisle with his boyfriend Ruben Robierb on New Year’s Eve if all goes according to plan. The ceremony will take place in Miami, and given how well-liked Champion is, it’s likely the festivities will be well attended.

The two were introduced a few years back in Florida, and they hit it off almost immediately. As a highly sought after photographer who works all over the world, Robierb likely has a good idea of the demands of Champion’s career and vice versa. Hopefully, this mutual understanding will allow the two to cultivate and maintain a healthy give and take marriage moving forward.

Here’s what Champion had to say about the impending nuptials, courtesy of ABC News
”We are thrilled and so excited and thank everyone for their good wishes.”

According to The New York Times, Champion has been open about his sexuality for years, but he’s never addressed the issue in public. Hopefully, this new found openness will inspire others to be with the people who make them happy and show kids there’s nothing wrong with being proud of who you are.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to the happy couple. May they spend the rest of their lives finding fulfillment and happiness in each other’s arms.